Men’s Guide to Styling a Gilet

Written by Rebecca | 25/09/2017


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What is a gilet, I hear you cry? Well, it is the must have of the season, that’s what it is! A nice addition to your everyday look. And, yes, I bet you’re wondering how to wear one. Well, wonder no more – This article holds the answers.

What is a Gilet?

A gilet is very similar to a puffy waistcoat and therefore, should fit like one. So, it needs to have high arm holes and fit snugly on your body. A gilet can either fit nicely under your tailored blazer or it can be used as a top layer for the Winter months. Just make sure, when wearing it on the outside, that the layer underneath is longer your gilet.

Try a Splash of Colour

Say you have a mundane outfit on and you want to add something that will make it pop? Well, go for a light-weight coloured gilet.

Light-weight means you can wear it like a waistcoat and not affect the silhouette of your figure. Also, it just adds a little bit of oomph, but not too much. So, it is not seen as over the top.

Dare to Wear a Pattern

Similarly, to the coloured gilet, you could go even bolder and wear a patterned one instead. Again, this can help give your get-up that extra something.

Just bear in mind that if you wear a patterned gilet, the rest of your outfit needs to be plain.

Feeling the Autumn Chill?

A nice, plain gilet placed under your jacket will give you additional insulation but without restricting your movements.

This is due to the gilet not having sleeves.

In case of Emergencies

Another great thing about the gilet, is that they can be super light-weight so they fold down to nothing.

This means you can slip one into your bag or keep one in your car for emergencies.

There you have it, a few ways to wear a gilet. So, what are you waiting for? Get onto Mainline Menswear and join the hundreds of others following this wonderfully, versatile trend.

Written by Davinia Ridgewell

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