Men’s Guide to Looking Stylish in the Rain

Written by Rebecca | 23/01/2017


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Let’s face it, here in the UK getting caught in the rain is inevitable – even in the middle of summer. Don’t just put up with the ‘wet dog’ look! We have put together a guide to show you how to stay dry, whilst still looking good when the heavens decide to open. Here are our top tips…

1. Invest in a jacket that will keep you dry

The easiest and most stylish item of clothing to keep you dry and looking stylish in the rain is a hooded, waterproof jacket. They are the perfect versatile piece to accompany any outfit as you can find many smart and casual styles. If you go for a thinner jacket or buy a size larger than usual, you’ll be able to fit a jumper underneath for extra warmth.


Left: CP Company Waterproof Jacket | Middle: Lyle and Scott Full Zip Raincoat | Right: Barbour Hooded Marsden Jacket

2. Find the right footwear

I know what you’re thinking and no, the only waterproof footwear available is not wellies. Whilst wellies might be good for festivals and other outdoor activities, you want something versatile, easy on the eye and comfortable for every day wear. Timberland boots offer all of these traits in one.


Left: Timberland Premium Original 6 Inch Waterproof Boot | Right: Timberland Euro Sprint Hiker Boots

3. Opt for a hat

Already own a jacket you love but it doesn’t have a hood? There’s no need to get soaked when you get caught in the rain – Just buy a hat. You may be thinking that a lot of hats aren’t waterproof, but they can be with plenty of waterproof spray.


Left: Barbour Reversible Waterproof Bucket Hat | Middle: Armani Jeans Logo Cap | Right: Fred Perry Merino Wool Beanie Hat

4. Choose water resistant accessories

When you buy a watch, you want to be able to wear it in all weather conditions. There are many styles of men’s watches available that are water resistant and also completely waterproof. We have a picked a few different styles from our range.


Left: Hugo Boss Black Rafale Watch | Middle: Hugo Boss Black Classic 1 Watch | Right: Hugo Boss Black 1513356 Chronograph Watch

5. Pick a bag that will beat the rain

When you get caught in a sudden downpour, the last thing you want to happen is your belongings getting soaked through. Going for a leather bag will be the best bet for keeping your valued possessions dry in the typically British weather.


Left: Armani Jeans Small Faux Leather Shoulder Bag | Middle: Barbour Waxed Tarras Bag | Right: Armani Jeans Packaway Backpack

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