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Style Icon


Since the start of his career Noel Gallagher has introduced a style into mainstream culture that was completely unique. After taking inspiration from the 1960s Mods and bringing elements of it into 90s Britpop, he still remains to look effortlessly cool.

Noel Gallagher is no doubt a style icon. With the ability to mix and match a variety of styles, he has mastered the smart casual look. Whether playing a gig or just heading out, this style icon always looks well put together. Looking at various outfits through the years, Gallagher sticks to a handful of key pieces that are easy to get hold of if you want to recreate his cool style.

The classic button up shirt is an easy place to start, plus it looks good for any occasion. The versatility of the traditional shirt is what makes it something worth investing in. You can pair it with some simple jeans or even shorts in the summer, roll up long sleeves, or leave unbuttoned and it will always look good. This white shirt by Hugo Boss is a great neutral and very similar to ones Gallagher is seen rocking, along with a number of colours and patterns but the white definitely seems to be a favourite.

In contrast to the more smart image of the button up shirt, Noel Gallagher is also able to go for the casual jeans and plain tee. Everyone knows you can never go wrong with a pair of black jeans, and pairing with a basic top is a perfect look for an evening chilling out with your mates or even hitting the bar. It’s a casual look that still looks like you put the effort in, not to mention the fact it’s incredibly comfortable and you’ll not have to worry about your outfit all night.

The bomber jacket has returned! Noel Gallagher’s probably most famous for sporting this jacket as it’s been his signature look throughout his whole career, so if you can get your hands on a stylish bomber jacket, it’s an easy way to emulate his style. Choosing a dark colour like Gallagher’s black or navy blue means that it can be layered with almost everything, as he demonstrates. This CP Company bomber is so versatile and will work with any outfit, smart or casual, and is definitely a piece everyone needs in their wardrobe.


Photo: freschwill (licence CC)

Finally we can talk about the sunglasses? If we are talking iconic looks, Gallagher and the sunglasses has to be up there. This is also fashion staple that has been a huge part of his style since the 90s. We offer a wide selection of sunglasses which you can check out and find the best style for you.

Gallagher’s ability to combine different styles with the classic Mod look is what makes him a true style icon. His cool, effortless look perfectly reflects his laid back attitude and is enhanced by the contrast of his brothers more grungy looks. You can see more of the Mainline Menswear stock on our website here.

Written by Lottie King

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