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Written by Rebecca | 09/11/2017





Clothes make the man. Imagine this, you’re picturing yourself getting that long overdue promotion at work. Or perhaps you’re trying to convince your boss for a pay rise, or to take some time off to go on that dream holiday you keep saying to yourself will happen.

The office party. The perfect opportunity to fire off some of your best jokes and witty remarks. Or to tell the boss about your game-changing ideas for the business. You can’t wait.

However, there’s one problem, you’re probably asking yourself – ‘what do I wear?’. This is where Mainline Menswear steps in to save the day. Our high-quality, eclectic and affordable range will keep you looking dressed to impress.

Ralph Lauren Hanford Canvas Trainers

A subtle set perfect fusion of smart and casual footwear, these little pair of beauties would make a superb addition to anyones feet, no matter what the occasion. And at only £69, it’s a no brainer.

Armani Jeans J21 Regular Fit

Whether it be a laid-back lunch with your buddies or a formal business event, this pair of jeans from Armani has your hide covered (literally). Oh, and they’re only £100.00!

Ralph Lauren Oxford Knit Shirt

This classic number from Ralph Lauren ensures you’ll always look the part. The versatile white can accompany every occasion. Subtly marked with the iconic logo, this piece is simply a must-have for any male.

So, before you next think about jumping in to your car to visit an overpriced, overcrowded and, frankly, underwhelming shopping centre to pick up your garments, take advantage of Mainline Menswear.

Written by Cameron Dennie Gorrie

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