How to Pull Off Men’s Cardigans

Written by Rebecca | 13/12/2017

One might not typically think of a cardigan as an essential when it comes to men’s fashion, but their rising popularity would argue otherwise. Due to their high versatility and practical wear, cardigans are gaining ground as a staple of a stylish man’s wardrobe.

Whether you want to look casual for a day out, or need to pull off a slightly more formal image for dinner or a date, a cardigan may be just the thing to finish off your outfit.

When considering what cardigan would be right for you, it is important first to decide if you want it for casual or formal wear. Typically, if your cardigan will function as an addition to a casual outfit, you can opt for something loose such as a shawl collar or long line cardigan.

These styles allow free movement and provide comfort for the wearer. They are best suited with a fitting t-shirt and some skinny jeans, to add a little shape to an otherwise form-fitting ensemble.

Alternatively, if you’re aiming for something smarter, there are tighter cardigans on the market which match nicely with a collared shirt and smart trousers or jeans, such as this v-neck navy cardigan from Fred Perry or this black one from Armani.

As with all knitwear, cardigans are great for layered looks. For more information on knitwear, why not check out this article on styling a knitwear look? Or if you want some tips on how best to layer up an outfit, read this article on layering in the winter season.

Written by Poppy O’Brien

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