This Season’s Most Popular Menswear Brands

Written by Rebecca | 09/08/2017

Sun’s out and you want to flash the best brands this summer? Well look no further than here as we have everything you’re after from Armani to Lacoste, the only A to Z you’ll need.

First off, Armani Exchange. Popular for quality jeans, leather and watches offer the perfect summer range for the new man of 2017 featuring shirts, caps, flip flops and shorts.

Next off is Barbour. Typically associated with the country lifestyle compared to other brands, Barbour offers a range for the summer just as well from shirts and checked shirts perfect for those bonfire nights and festival vibes.

Further down the alphabet we have the summer’s typically associated brand of Lacoste, more specifically Lacoste Live featuring bright basic and primary colours, print shirts, shorts and flip flops ideal for beach and summer vibes.

Another signature brand for summer sun would also be Paul Smith. The Sunny Smith brand known for tailoring for the suited and booted man also has its own seasonal range featuring polo shirts, shirts and sweatshirts.

Finally, Tommy Hilfiger the multi-billion apparel company famous for polo shirts, tailoring with shorts, shirts and primary signature colours of red, blue and white.

Written by Georgia Jerrey

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