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Written by Rebecca | 11/11/2017


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Until recently, Black Friday was the ‘must do’ shopping event for British retailers keen to cash in on the mass of frenzied shoppers, hunting for bargains. In the run up to Black Friday, we look at another huge shopping holiday elsewhere in the world.

The Chinese version – Singles Day, held on 11th November (11/11) and created to celebrate single people, is gathering pace rapidly. This year China’s Singles Day is expected to surpass the colossal sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, reaching record sales levels.

What is Singles Day?

China’s Singles Day was started as an inside joke between Chinese university students, about their lack of significant other. In 2009, online retailer Alibaba adopted the day to promote an online shopping sale.

Today it’s the biggest eCommerce event of the year – Overshadowing the sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

Singles Day is not only for the Chinese. It’s predicted to get bigger and it’s going global.

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