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Written by: Kimberley Sandford | July 19, 2017.

Johnny Depp has been around Hollywood since the 1980s and has been wearing a mix of stylish formal clothing and rock inspired outfits from the beginning of his career.

Depp has been showing off his unique taste in clothes since the start of his career and the man himself has become a staple name in celebrity culture for his look and fashion. Looking back through the years, we are going to follow Depp’s most iconic styles and cover how you can dress to impress like the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

With this outfit, the mix of the white long sleeve shirt and black waistcoat looks so simple yet so stylish due to the way Depp carries himself.

The look can easily be copied by getting a white Levis long sleeve sunset one-pocket shirt and pairing it with a black Antony Morato waistcoat. For the jeans, some blue Levis 511 slim fit jeans will more than suffice.


Of course if you want to stay true to the outfit to a tee then you will need to loosely roll up the sleeves of the shirt, however you can just go with your own take on this look if that isn’t your style. Whether the outfit is for you or not, there is always the option to add accessories to further make it your own.

The shoes of the outfit are a pair of black Fred Perry Byron mid suede shoes which fit in perfectly with the rest of this getup.

Depp loves his rock inspired outfits which he wears whenever he doesn’t sport his long sleeve shirts and waistcoats. He loves to wear biker and leather jackets, a super stylish one being the black Armani jeans leather bomber jacket.

The jacket might be pricey for a lot of people but being a style icon has a price that needs to be paid. Pair the bomber jacket with either a black Franklin Marshall crew neck t-shirt or a white Diesel T Jam t-shirt and you’ll own the look.

Pair this shirt and jacket combo with the Levis 511 slim fit jeans from the previous outfit and a pair of Timberland Adventure 2.0 cupsole boots to finish off the look. This should get you one step closer to looking and feeling like a rockstar.


The colour pallet of the outfit is very common, but why fix what isn’t broken? Changing the scheme will only ruin an already classic look. Adding extra accessories should add the extra oomph to your outfit that Depp would be proud of.

Johnny can look great in whatever he wears, including a simple shirt and glasses; a look which is easily mimicked. Feel free to replace the regular glasses with some Ray Ban 3025 aviator sunglasses for added flair, however if you already wear graded glasses then just rock those with the outfit.


For the upper portion of the outfit, you can get a burgundy Ralph Lauren slim fit striped polo t-shirt. The t-shirt looks pretty close to the one that Depp is wearing and it is also a simple design whilst remaining stylish. To avoid being too blue, steer clear of wearing denim jeans and instead go for a pair of black Hugo Boss Delaware 3 jeans; these will finish the outfit nicely.

Johnny Depp has been gaining notoriety for his fashion sense over the years, rocking a lot of different outfits through the ages. Now it’s your turn to follow his lead and get that unique, sophisticated style.

Written by Fritz Samson



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