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Written by Rebecca | 25/04/2017


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Full to the brim with eccentric attitude and energy that reflected in his music, Liam Gallagher brought vibrancy and brashness when he burst onto the scene in 1994 with Oasis.

Disappointed with the growth of rave culture throughout the early 90’s, Gallagher really grabbed an otherwise mundane music scene by the scruff of the neck and almost singlehandedly developed the ‘Britpop’ music culture.

The rest is history, and with all seven of Oasis’ studio albums reaching number one in the charts, they truly are remembered as one of the best British bands of all time. Today we focus on the footprint left behind, as Gallagher unwittingly created an entire fashion culture that is still apparent around the world today.


Growing up in a state of financial vulnerability, Liam Gallagher grew accustom to hand-me-down’s and home-made jumpers, knitted by his beloved mother Peggy Gallagher. However, taking inspiration from the colourful and vibrant music written by The Beatles and The Stone Roses, Gallagher made it his own; adorning paisley and other intriguing designs throughout his early years.

Another one of Gallagher biggest influences was his deep passion for football, in particular his treasured Manchester City. This is evidenced by his constant use of the Adidas sports brand and City merchandise.

Liam started his own fashion label back in 2009, named ‘Pretty Green’, after a song written by ‘The Jam’. Gaining worldwide success, the company now has high-street shops across the world. Pretty Green is probably the best place if one is trying to replicate Gallagher’s look, as the shop offers a range of clothing that replicates Gallagher’s style throughout the ages.

Here we have Gallagher portraying his best influences. The style of John Lennon is evident in the hair style and alongside the glasses, however his deep-rooted love for Manchester City is also evident. This is part of the reason that the Gallagher’s gained such a huge following; their council estate background and look really appealed to the masses.


The Gallagher brothers made history when they performed their sell-out shows at the home of Manchester City, playing two nights at the Maine Road stadium back in 1995.

Liam’s choice of outfit truly represents his personality and upbringing, as he styles once again the glasses and uncut hair, however the plain white tee and generously fitting over shirt perfectly fit the image of rough and ready, rock ‘n’ roll star. It was this brashness that captivated the fans.


It was not until his later years that Liam truly began to gain his own style. Donning the truly iconic hairstyle, and brandishing his own variety of clothing. The classic Green Parka overcoat has come to represent the Manchester music scene. One can see Liam wearing similar jackets across various music videos and shows throughout the years.

Written by Joseph Crabb

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