How to Style a Roll Neck Jumper

Written by Rebecca | 18/10/2017

You may think that roll neck jumpers went out of fashion way back in the 90’s and that wearing one comes with a bucket load of abuse rather than praise. However, all of this has changed and the roll neck is a staple piece in a stylish man’s wardrobe.

Roll neck jumpers are the perfect comfy winter wearer. Its charm is multi-fold meaning it is one of the most practical pieces in a man’s wardrobe for the colder months.

Whether worn casually or formally, a roll neck jumper can work in any situation during the colder winter months.

Autumnal colours are usually a good place to start when it comes to picking a colour for your roll neck jumper. However, it is important to have a broad colour selection to allow you to mix up your outfit choices.

Navy Roll Neck Jumper

The navy-blue roll neck jumper is a great alternative to playing it safe and going with the black roll neck which you see everybody wearing. If you want to stand out from the crowd a little bit and get people looking at you for all the right reasons then this is the piece.

John Smedley Cherwell Roll Neck Jumper Navy

It is important with this navy roll neck jumper that you don’t go overboard with the blue/black colours. For this reason, I think the best option is to go with a pair of black trousers or jeans depending on the occasion. All being said don’t avoid different shades of blue completely in this outfit.

A light blue denim jacket would be perfect to wear over the top of the roll neck. As it is getting into those dark and cold days now you may want to add an extra layer of warmth with a nice black coat to really add to an already impressive outfit. A smart pair of brogues on your feet and you’ve mastered the navy roll neck.

Thick Roll Neck Jumper

No matter what colour it is, it’s important not to forget about a thick roll neck jumper this winter. If you don’t want to go for the thinner alternative where you must apply layers to ensure warmth, this could be the piece for you. For the ultimate comfort and warmth there’s nothing better.

It is important that you find the perfect thick jumper for you though because sometimes they can be slightly too chunky and there’s nothing worse than feeling constricted by an item of clothing you’re meant to feel comfy in.

Lacoste Live Roll Neck Jumper Cream

It is quite simple to style one of these thick roll neck jumpers due to the fact there is no real layering needed. A simple blue or black jean would always be a safe bet. It’s important not to over complicate this look, as it is just as powerful when kept simple.

Blue jeans may be the better option just to avoid yourself looking too monochrome. A smart pair of white trainers would complete this smart winter look.

Black Roll Neck Jumper

You can never go wrong with a black roll neck jumper. It’s just a fact. Often the idea of a simple outfit is mocked but in this case simple it’s a necessity. With this adaptable piece you can wear almost anything you like with it. It complements almost any item you would want to pair it with and therefore, it is a crucial purchase for this season.

Vivienne Westwood Roll Neck Jumper Black

Everyone knows that the best thing about the colour black is that it is versatile. Putting black with black in this situation would look very sharp. A black pair of skinny trousers or jeans would work well but to add some colour, we would recommend a powerful autumn brown or beige trench coat. This look can be completed with a pair of black Chelsea boots or some smart black shoes.

Written by Joe Griffiths

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