Style Tips for Bigger Men

Written by Rebecca | 06/02/2017

If you’re a ‘larger’ man, then dressing up may be a real struggle for you. I’m guessing as you clicked this article, you can relate. All the different styles, sizes, colours, etc. they all look so great, but when you know they won’t fit you, it sucks!

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can still dress sharp and snazzy, and certain clothes can make you appear thinner, which is perfect for those of you who may feel insecure about those extra pounds.

Here are our style tips for bigger men:

1. If you’re a larger male, you may have heard this before. Stripy shirts are your best friends; avoid horizontal patterns at all costs. This is because vertical stripes are more slimming, according to the experts. Makes sense really. If you’re on board and want a vertically striped shirt or to upgrade on one you may already have, why not cast your eye over this. Patterned flannel shirts are also a great option.


2. Throw away those baggy, over-sized shirts you’ve more than likely been wearing and go and get yourself a more fitted shirt. By fitted shirt I mean a shirt that is tighter in the middle than a normal shirt. This is because you probably have shirts that are over-sized to conceal your body, which you may think are great, but actually, they make you look bigger and bulkier than you truly are.

A fitted shirt is the right choice for you. The same rule applies to trousers/jeans; baggy is a no-go. Your clothes should sit comfortably and lightly on your skin, not suffocating it or visibly hanging off; common sense, but it’s unfortunately quite common to see this mistake being made – make sure you don’t do the same.

3. Avoid heavy/bulky clothing, they tend to hold heat in which increases the likeliness of excessive sweating, and that leads to those huge sweat patches that just cannot be hidden without throwing a jacket on; not ideal, as it only makes the problem worse!

Not only this, heavier clothes also make you appear larger and bulkier. For example, avoid puffy jackets, and go for something more along these lines.


To put it short, you want clothes that define your body well, so: suits, blazers, sports coats are all things you should be looking to add to your wardrobe.

Don’t bother with loose t-shirts, vests, and baggy trousers/shorts. If it’s scorching outside and shorts are a must, avoid large and baggy pairs, as they leave the bottom of your legs (the skinnier part) bare, which emphasises the larger top half of you.

Extra tips:

  • Wear a hat
  • Wear larger accessories
  • Wider ties
  • Choose V-neck tops
  • Always wear a belt

Written by Baldeep Chahal

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