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Written by Rebecca | 21/04/2017



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When wearing a v neck jumper there are some key factors to take into account to ensure you not only pull off the look, but make it your own. Don’t fret, because once you start considering these things you’ll realise it’s a lot easier to look great in a jumper than you first thought, and it really doesn’t take much effort at all.

When choosing a v neck jumper to buy you shouldn’t look for one that is 100% polyester, as it may make you sweat a lot which, in turn, will stick to the jumper and make you smell bad.

In order to avoid this, try to go for one that’s 100% cotton. If you can’t find or afford one like this, finding on that is 50% cotton is a great compromise and will do the job no problem.

V neck jumpers often have the stigma that you might look ‘nerdy’ or like a grandfather, but as that might happen, with the right combination of accompanying clothing and colouring it can also make you look smart, classy and formal. When deciding which colour to go with there are infinite variations to choose from, and whilst there isn’t a certain standard, most people prefer to go with solid colours or checked designs.

If you try to go for a bolder, more formal look then you should go with a white jumper, whereas if you want to look more casual then you should go with darker colours such as black, dark browns or grey.

When combining a v neck jumper with other pieces of clothing, there is a vast array of different styles to choose from.

When styling the v neck jumper, the secret is more about what you wear with it and not what jumper you actually choose, so for added style you can even throw on some accessories like a good looking watch that contrasts with the jumper’s colour. This same rule applies when selecting your trousers, jeans and shoes.

If you want to achieve a more casual look, you might just want to wear the jumper with nothing else underneath, which would ultimately be the go-to look you would strive to achieve in hot weather; it’ll help prevent you from sweating too much which might otherwise ruin your day and wouldn’t be very pleasant for those around you.

The main thing to take into account when selecting a v neck jumper is to wear what feels comfortable and natural to you. Take your own style and preferences into account, style it your own way and that in turn will not only create your own fashion sense, but have you feeling comfortable in clothes of your own choice.

Written by Tiago Silva

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