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Written by Rebecca | 30/08/2017





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With so many different fashion influencers it might be hard to find the top instagrammers within this industry. However, it has become a lot simpler, especially when the hard work has been done for you. These are the top 5 by followers and content, all of which have a history and still work within the industry.

  1. Jim Chapman, @jimchapman

Not only one of YouTube biggest influencers, he is also one of Instagram’s biggest male fashion influencers, with 2.2 million followers on the platform. Known for his astounding style, he has quickly become one of the most documented faces in London. This year he was voted number one in the annual ‘GQ’s Best Dressed List’.

Having worked with multiple fashion companies he clearly knows his stuff. When not working on his YouTube and smaller projects he also writes for GQ as a contributing editor. With a combined social media outreach of over 5 million people, and growing its clear he had large effect on the fashion world.

His Instagram is not only fashion based, it also has a strong lifestyle element within it, so you won’t easily get bored of his outfits and style.

  1. Adam Gallagher, @iamgalla

Gallaghers unique blog, I AM GALLA, has allowed him experiences which most people could only dream about such as sitting front row at fashion weeks around the world and working with multiple brands, whilst having ones waiting to work with him.

His blog started when he was only 17, now 26 he has clearly become very successful within his field. From fashion tips to trend forecasts, his blog and Instagram are sure to have inspiration for everyone.

His Instagram, now not only shows his keen fashion sense but also the amazing spots which his blog has allowed him to travel to.

  1. Nickelson Wooster, @nickwooster

Born in 1960, he started working in a local clothing store in 1960, in 1996 he became president for the American Brand Bartlett, in 2001 and founded his own agency Wooster Consultancy. In 2010, he became the men’s fashion director at the Neiman Marcus store chain. Starting in 2012 he began design clothes with a shirts line at the age of 52.

His personal and recognizable style is best known for handlebar mustache and tattoo sleeves, having his first in 1994. Nickelson’s Instagram is more of a lifestyle theme than the rest of the names on this list however his influence within fashion and fashion related posts are too interesting to ignore.

  1. Justin Livingston, @justinliv

Life style blogger Justin Livingston has been making his mark on the fashion side of Instagram and has recently been picked by Instagram as one of the accounts doing branded content correctly. With a pure interest in fashion he never posts anything which he is not passionate about.

Not only a fashion style icon but also a useful source for tips on decorating a dorm room to travel, his Instagram alone is very influential although there is an endless amount of information and fashion on his blog Scouts Sixteen.

With a strong passion for fashion and travel Livingston’s love becomes clear through his Instagram along with keeping his audience updated on his life and adventures.

  1. Oliver Cheshire, @oliver_cheshire

Oliver Cheshire was scouted by Select Model Management at 15, whilst studying drama. He became an overnight success as the new face for Calvin Klein. He since gave up acting and has worked for multiple international clothing companies along with reporting on Men’s fashion week for GQ and writing for his own fashion blog in his spare time.

In 2015 he was voted one of GQ’s 50 best dressed British men. His Instagram is more than just fashion, it is a look into his lavish lifestyle with key fashion and social elements.

Written by Leanne Revell

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