Trends to Avoid this Autumn/Winter

Written by Rebecca | 03/10/2017





When the new trends arrive every season it is very difficult to get away from them. Everyone is wearing the latest pieces and you can’t get hold of anything else in mainstream clothing stores.

So the world’s biggest Fashion Weeks have been and gone and AW17 trends have debuted. Whilst many of them, such as moss green and coloured tailoring we can get behind – others seem a little questionable…

Winter Whites

When we think of winter, we think of the beauty of snow covered trees and frozen lakes, so why shouldn’t we try and emulate that in our fashion? Unfortunately, roast dinners, hearty meals and hot chocolate also play a big part in our winter culture and a problem arises when the two come together.

If you can look over the idea of scrubbing gravy stains out of your new white jumper then white is definitely a way to brighten up an otherwise dull winter outfit.

Silk Shirts

Although it is known that silk can adjust to body temperature so has the ability to keep you warm through the winter months, it doesn’t seem to be particularly practical for a winter day. The thin nature of the fabric means that it wouldn’t give you much protection from an unexpected shower or a gust of wind.

In terms of layering, the slippery quality of the fabric would make keeping anything on top of it rather difficult.


Initially, the idea of a quilted jacket seems like a sensible idea for autumn/winter and you may be right – BUT there is a fine line between a regular, practical padded jacket and looking like you have bedding draped around your shoulders. Similarly, too much padding makes movement incredibly difficult.

The idea of quilted trousers has also been introduced and while again it seems like a great idea in terms of warmth, maybe not so practical.

So, there you have it… The top trends to AVOID this season. Agree? Disagree? Leave your opinions below!

Written by Lottie King

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