The Ultimate Dark Blue Jeans Guide

Written by Rebecca | 19/01/2017

An absolute staple in casual fashion, dark blue jeans cannot be beaten when it comes to reliability in informal wear. From smarter end business-casual to relaxed street fashion, dark blue jeans have made themselves indispensable in fashion since way back when.

Originating in the 18th century, jeans got their name from sailors in Genoa that used to wear the material on their ships due to their hard wearing properties. They remained primarily work wear due to this resilience (namely raw denim back then for it’s durability which can be read about here) until the 1930’s when they hit the mainstream after being seen worn by the stars of classic western films who wore jeans as part of their cowboy attire.

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As you already probably know, jeans come in a variety of styles and cuts including boot cut, loose fit, tapered, slim fit and skinny – the last three being the most popular today.


Skinny fit jeans are just that – skinny. If skinny jeans just aren’t skinny enough, then there is also ‘spray on’ jeans, which are extremely tight.

Tapered fit are noticeably looser fitting than skinny jeans, however they do taper inwards towards the bottom so that they still sit neatly on your shoes. The combination of looser upper and tapering towards the bottom provides a more relaxed, comfortable fit whilst still looking relatively smart.

The most popular cut today, slim fit jeans offer a happy medium between tapered cut and skinny cut jeans. They’re a neat fit without being too skinny or having too much excess denim, and as a result they’re great for any occasion and often look the smartest.

Despite our advice, you should choose your fit depending on what suits your body type and makes you feel comfortable.


One of the great things about navy or dark blue jeans is that whilst they are jeans and can be worn casually, they’re also dark enough in shade to pass as semi-smart trousers. Because of this, they can be suited to almost any occasion and be worn with a huge variety of clothing options.

Any form of footwear can suit dark blue jeans; from clean white Nike Airs to classy high end tassel loafers – nothing looks mismatched thanks to the navy jeans versatility. Choose your shoes depending on the occasion you’re dressing for and watch your outfit transform.

Like footwear, most tops are equally as suited to blue jeans, whether it is the casual fashion of plain t shirts, baggy jumpers and hooded sweatshirts or smarter end styles such as Oxford style button up shirts, ties and blazers. Again, always bare in mind the occasion you’re dressing for and dark blue jeans can most definitely be suited to accommodate.

Below are a few great fitting, great value jeans that we recommend to help get you started in your fashion forward frolics of 2017!

Edwin ED80 Slim Tapered Jeans | Versace Jeans Regular Fit Jeans | Levis Line 8 522 Slim Taper Jeans | Armani Jeans J06 Slim Fit Jeans

Written by Aaron Thompson

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