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Written by Rebecca | 05/09/2017




With the last days of summer behind us now, September has rolled around, which can mean only one thing: university is due to start up again. It’s depressing, we know, but while you gear up to make sure you’re prepared with everything you think is important – books, stationary, a place to live, blah, blah, blah, leave it to us to cover the real essentials.

Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be prepared for uni and look the part too. Easy.

Bomber Jacket

Student houses are cold, not to mention expensive – don’t worry about paying that pesky heating bill and just nab yourself a sweet piece of outerwear like this Levis bomber jacket instead. Not only will you be warm but you won’t look half bad either.

A jacket like this can have you covered for the entire year – it’s perfect for going out in the evenings or just for running to your lectures in the day. What more could you want?

Smart Footwear

Dapper footwear is absolutely essential. Sure, it can cost a pretty penny, but it’s absolutely worth it – up your going out game by arriving with a pair of smart shoes or brogues on and you’ll be glad you did. It’s not like they’re a one-trick pony, either.

Something like these Ted Baker shoes are great for a number of situations – it’s always handy to have a pair stashed away in case you have something like an interview or wedding to go to throughout the year.

The Smart Shirt

Any gentleman worth his salt needs a smart shirt in his arsenal. This goes without saying.

Grab yourself a plain button-up like this Ralph Lauren shirt and you’ve already got yourself covered for practically any situation you might find yourself in over the course of uni. Running into uni? Sorted. Going out? Sorted. Fine dining with that special someone? Sorted.

Casual Wear

When prepping for uni, it’s absolutely crucial not to overlook casual wear. You’re going to need to be comfy when you’re chilling out or studying in your student house, so why not do it in style?

These Hugo Boss jogging bottoms and this multi pack of Hugo Boss T-shirts will certainly do the trick whether you’re having a lazy Sunday or just trying to be comfortable when you cram in some last minute touches on your work in the library in the early hours of the morning.

For everything you could possibly need for uni and much more, be sure to check out the Mainline Menswear shop!

Written by Will Palmer

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