How to Wear a Checked Shirt

Written by: Rebecca Shires | February 21, 2017.

checked shirtChecked shirts have become increasingly popular with the recent rise in popularity of ‘hipster’ fashion, so knowing how to wear one is important for when you inevitably bite the bullet and buy one. Ranging from casual to formal, checked shirts can fit any style and occasion so make sure you know what style you’re buying before you take the plunge.

A checked shirt should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. They can be worn for any occasion whether it be for a dinner date, to a club, or just a casual day out. A checked shirt is something that will never go out of style, so buying one now is an investment for the indefinite future given you buy one of good quality. It is so easy to pull off a variety of looks with a checked shirt, so this guide will help you choose which one is right for you.

Every man needs a checked shirt that can be comfy to wear around the house, but also a nice shirt that you can run errands in. One factor to consider though is the weather – you don’t not want to be wearing a thick long sleeved checked shirt in the middle of summer. For winter, a long sleeved thick checked shirt would do nicely. The Lyle and Scott check flannel shirt is perfect for the colder months, keeping you warm but also giving you the ability to layer up with a winter coat. The charcoal marl grey colour is timeless so can easily be worn again and again. It’s also a neutral colour, making it very practical to wear whenever and with whatever. This checked shirt could be kept open with a white t-shirt underneath for a great laid-back look.

In the summer you don’t want to be over heating while out doing the shopping. For this reason, more relaxed occasions call for a short sleeved checked shirt. Again, this can be kept open with a t-shirt underneath; as well as looking more stylish, in the summer this will help keep you cool. The Lacoste short sleeved check shirt is perfect for this season, this blue is a nice colour for summer as it very relaxing on the eye. It can easily be worn with a light jacket or no jacket at all.  On those slightly chillier summer evenings, you may want to wear a long sleeved shirt for added warm. This should be a light shirt that can easily be layered up either underneath or on top. A Levis Barstow western check shirt in red is great for this occasion; it can be worn both undone and done up, and will look great for those summer BBQ evenings.

When going to a formal event a checked shirt is perfectly acceptable to wear, but it is key to make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with the clash of patterns and colours. Small checks are considered neater and a more formal style compared to larger wide spread ones. The sleeve length should be long to match the suit jacket you’d be wearing. Also, If your event includes you having to wear a tie, then the thinner the tie the better as a thick tie can look uneasy against a checked shirt. The Ted Baker long sleeved rugbee check shirt in charcoal grey gives a professional and smart look to a suit. It is important to remember the suit and tie should be in neutral colour such as black, otherwise your outfit would look too ‘busy’ so to speak.

Smart casual is a difficult one to master when trying to wear a checked shirt. A brightly coloured and wide checked shirt paired with dark coloured jeans and shoes create a great smart casual outfit. The shirt buttoned up and as slim fit as possible will make you look more formal than a casual checked shirt. A Fred Perry tartan gingham mix check shirt in red and blue finishes the smart causal look off nicely. There are short sleeve versions of the smart casual look especially for the summer months, as well as this look for a night out. If you are not as open to the brighter colours, then this Tommy Hilfiger axel check shirt is better for the more monochrome and nightclub look.

A checked shirt is a very common casual style that can easily be dressed up to create the best look for your more formal events. If you’re wearing the right size and colours that suit you, you cannot go wrong with adding a checked shirt to your wardrobe.

Written by Kathryn Waller



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