How to Wear Checks in Winter

Written by Rebecca | 20/11/2017

Come rain or shine, it is difficult to go wrong with a classic checked shirt. Such an iconic pattern can add a finishing touch to any outfit. With winter fast approaching there is no better time to experiment with a checked shirt and test its versatility.

Every man should own a checked shirt; they are wearable all year round, and are often an inexpensive addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They function well for both formal and informal occasions, and can add pattern and structure to an otherwise plain outfit.

Arguably the best approach to plaid in the winter is a flannel shirt. Perfect for constructing a layered look, checked shirts in darker colours such as red and green work best to retain warmth when you need it. For example, this Levi’s Jackson Worker Check shirt could be matched with a black t-shirt, some trainers, and a pair of dark jeans in order to achieve a casual look.

Alternatively, wearing checked shirts in lighter colours such as white and blue can brighten up the dreary winter months, especially when paired with a winter coat in a darker colour over the top and a white t-shirt underneath for a visual contrast.

Checked shirts can be worn on smart occasions just as well as the outdoors. When paired with fitted chinos and a smart jacket, checked shirts like this one from Fred Perry can keep you looking good and feeling warm in the winter months.

If you consider yourself particularly brave, why not seek out a checked suit for those important occasions? They can add an air of sophistication to your look that a plain styled suit may not.

If you are unsure about experimenting with checked shirts, or feel like you want a change from the tried and tested article itself, there are other ways to incorporate the popular pattern into your wardrobe.

There are checked scarves, hats, ties, even pocket squares for suits; all these items add a stylish visual statement to your outfit when paired with plain clothing.

Written by Poppy O’Brien

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