How to Wear a Coat Over a Suit

Written by Rebecca | 22/11/2017

Attempting to understand the social norms of formal attire might feel vexing, however this guide will assure that you are dressed appropriately.

Maneuvering through social norms regarding what to wear to a formal occasions might be confusing at times, and may lead to embarrassing results. However, with the help of this guide you will successfully be able to ascend the social ladder and be respected by your peers.

Understanding the intricate social norms regarding dress code to formal occasions may be stressful and hard. When there’s several knives and forks at your disposal, which ones do you start with, and what type of glass correlates with which appropriate drink?

There are many things to remember when attending a formal happening, however this guide will focus on wardrobe malfunctions, specifically suits and jackets, or more preferably coats.

Suits such as Hugo Boss’ Blue Genius suit deserves an item of clothing that accentuates its features. While jackets such as Superdry’s Black SDX Fuji Bomber looks great with a jeans and a shirt, Pretty Green’s black barrow trench coat better fits the theme of the occasion and highlights the style of the suit underneath.

Considering Hugo Boss’ khaki Jarlston Lenon suit one might prefer to choose a different colour coat to create a sense of variation, which would be achieved by picking Vivienne Westwood’s Grey city coat, which will keep you warm and cosy while cementing your style.

By following this guide you will make sure you’ll be appropriately dressed for whatever formal situation you’re invited to, whether it being a wedding or dinner with your boss.

Whatever the situation you will radiate with confidence and will certainly gain the approval of your peers.

Written by Martin Tvenning

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