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An untucked shirt used to be seen as a scruffy look. Nowadays, it’s the look used by even the sharpest of dressers. If done correctly, an untucked shirt can be worn in a stylish and versatile way, even sometimes looking professional.

It’s worth noting that if you are wearing a suit then there is no doubt that the shirt should always be tucked in. An untucked shirt may not be suitable for wearing to work as it appears too informal. However, there are many occasions were a more informal untucked style would be acceptable. Here’s a quick guide to wearing an untucked shirt and how to still look good.

1. Long line

Long fit isn’t a style for everyone and it’s a difficult one to pull off. When it first came out there were many critics of the look but it has managed to endure. It looks great if you’re bold enough to try it. Because of the length of the shirt it can’t be tucked in as there’s too much of it.

These tend to come in just one colour to make you stand out enough. Button up all the way to give a clean finish on the shirt, pair with a dark pair of slim fitting jeans and a smart pair of shoes or loafers.

2. Button up

The most simplistic look requires buttoning up your shirt and leaving it untucked. If you prefer the top button can be left undone to give a slightly more casual look. You’ll be able to tell what types of shirts should be left untucked as the sides tend be significantly shorter than the front which would make it difficult to tuck in anyway.

If you prefer to wear slimmer fitting jeans then it’s best to get a more loosely fitting shirt in order to avoid looking ballooned or bloated.


It’s best to wear this look with a pair of black skinny jeans, although any colour can be worn depending on your preference. A pair of plimsolls is a great way to complete this style but the look matches any style of footwear.

You can wear a short sleeved shirt as well which is ideal if the weather is warmer. In colder weather the look can be accompanied by a light jacket for example a denim jacket gives a great look.

3. The Cape

Again this is an acquired taste and won’t be for everyone, but the cape is a more casual approach to wearing a shirt. Simply leave all buttons undone except from the top one. This look obviously requires a t-shirt to be worn underneath. A simple one coloured t-shirt, such as white or grey would be best for this look.

The shirt should never be the same colour as the t-shirt in order to provide a clear contrast. The shirt doesn’t want to be too long and should fall just above the hip. Match with a pair of chinos or jeans and finish with a pair of trainers.

4. Un-done

Pretty much the same as the cape except this time, as the name suggests, the entire shirt is left unbuttoned. The shirt should fall just past your hip bone as any shorter would make it look like a crop jacket. Again it should be worn with a plain t-shirt but it can feature more of a print or design this time as it will be on display.


The general rule is not to have too many colours or patterns clashing. Wearing a plain t-shirt will give you the opportunity to wear a more eye-catching shirt. Best type of shirt to wear is a lightweight flannel shirt.

If you want to go for a pattern a checked pattern looks best. Unlike the other two styles you have the option to wear a short sleeved shirt with this look. Match with a pair of jeans and trainers or desert boots to complete the look.

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