What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Written by Rebecca | 23/11/2017

The emergence of winter and the cold may put a damper on your winter wonder wedding, however this guide will be your saving grace, making sure you’ll pertain your dignity and style through your clothes.

With winter rapidly approaching many instances which previously ran smoothly and pristine might face troubles they were previously unphased by.  One of these instances is weddings, which has to be perfect in every way since most people aim to only marry once.

While the idea of having a wedding in the coldest season of the year might be considered something beautiful and romantic in theory, the actuality of the situation might cause several problems.

This guide will focus on the clothing side of the planning, and how you might dress in tune with the climate without having to sacrifice any of your elegance and class.


We begin with Vivienne Westwood’s white long sleeved shirt with a pearlescent button opening. With it being white makes it possible to choose a variety of different ties, such as Hugo Boss’ Black woven silk tie, or maybe the dark green version if you’re feeling adventurous.


Next piece we will be looking into is the suit itself, which is obviously the most important aspect of your outfit. Hugo Boss’ Navy blue Johnston Lenon suit fits perfectly as attire for any formal occasion, and its fine felt under collar provides sufficient cover against against the climate even with just the suit.


Shoes are a very important part of the attire, and choosing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing shoes is pivotal to your style. Ted Baker’s brown Iront Leather Derby shoes fits the style and colour of the suit quite well, and is made by burgundy leather and is one of the sturdier of their models.


The last piece of the puzzle is the trench coat which will cement your outfit while keeping the cold at check. Pretty Green Barrow’s Black trench coat might be considered to be the best choice to finish of the attire.

By following these guidelines any man will be sufficiently padded against the harsh climate while staying true to his sense of fashion, and subsequently to be dressed to impress.

Written by Martin Tvenning

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