What to Wear to the Races

Written by Rebecca | 04/08/2017

racesElegance, exquisite attire and alcohol have become essential components at the races, namely those larger named venues such as Ascot. The events have become quite the past time for those that like dressing up, looking smart and feeling the part.

Whether you’re an avid gambler, casual race fan or just looking to enjoy a day out doing something different, it’s important to know how to dress when attending something as formal as the races.

Fortunately for men, you don’t have to don the flamboyant hats that the women do; just be sure to look as smart as you can. Shirt, tie and trousers with a smart blazer are your best option, especially at an event where overdressing is simply not a possibility.


Shirts are relatively simple to choose from; the main source of inspiration when making your choice should be the colour. They can usually be whatever colour you desire, so long as it doesn’t completely clash with the rest of your attire.

Diesel S Nap Slim Shirt White | Vivienne Westwood Long Sleeved Shirt Blue

If the weather is going to be on the warmer side, go with a short sleeve.


Proper trousers are necessary for the races, so going with navy blue or black slim fit trousers (not jeans/chinos) are usually a good call. If you’re more experimental and brave in your fashion sense, then you can go for brighter colours such as bright blue or pinks; these colours are particularly good for hotter days.

Boss Orange Schino Regular 1D Chinos Navy | G-Star Raw Bronson Slim Chino Black

Still, we recommend sticking with the old reliables – navy, black and regular blue.


Ideally, your tie should match your trousers, so whether you’ve gone for burgundy or navy, pick a similar colour for your neckwear. This isn’t essential, as mismatched colours in these domains can often add some originality to your fit.

Boss Hugo Boss Woven Silk Tie Pink | Aquascutum Club Check Ferdinand Tie Brown

Just use your common sense and make sure the colours don’t clash entirely.

Shoes & Belt

One of the best things to remember when picking your shoes is to match them to your belt. Belts often go overlooked when choosing a stylish outfit, but believe it or not, this subtle strip around your waist can add a dimension of style that people can’t quite pinpoint.

Oliver Sweeney Tenby Shoes Brown | Ralph Lauren Harness Saddle Belt Brown

Leather tan brogues with a matching tan belt are great options for navy trousers, just as smart grey shoes with a grey belt would really bring out the formality of black trousers.


Whatever the weather, there’s a formal outfit to boot. If the skies stay relatively ‘British’ on your day at the races, then a blazer is your best option to stay warm without compromising on formality. Blazers come in a variety of styles and colours and never look out of place, so just choose whichever you find more appealing.

Michael Kors Ponte Blazer Jacket NavyBoss Black Hutsons 3 Blazer Jacket Beige

Another plus, if the weather does change then a blazer isn’t likely to contribute to giving you heatstroke as they’re relatively thin as opposed to other winter jackets.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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