Best Men’s Trainers of 2017

Written by Rebecca | 29/01/2018

Shoes are a significant component to many people’s outfit. Recently, trainers have gained popularity within individuals of all ages. Since there is a wide variety to choose from, you can pick the ones that suit better with your outfit.

Even if you’re after a smart look, you could find the appropriate trainers to wear with it. For that reason, it’s not unusual to find a few pairs of trainers in people’s wardrobes, since they can be matched with nearly everything.

Men’s trainers’ popularity increased during last year, inciting shoe factories to bring back the favourite old classics. Additionally, men can also find a range of glamorous and metallic trainers, perfect for the most daring ones.

Following the obvious consumerism rise within male customers, we have selected the most popular trainers from 2017. In the first place, we have chosen a beloved classic that returned to be seen on many men’s feet.

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Adidas Originals Superstar and Adidas Stan Smith were the most popular trainers. They could be seen everywhere; from social media posts to often spotting them around. In the beginning, the trainers’ design was mainly plain. Once they noticed their success, they started to make new shoes with a variety of colours and designs. Despite the new models, the original ones remain the best seller.

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One of the reasons these shoes are and were so popular is due to their simple design, since you can wear them with everything. Moreover, they are not the most expensive trainers out there and the material that both trainers have is suitable for every season.

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Vans Retro Old Skool are also very popular and you can find them in different designs and colours. They are comfortable and you can wear them for the whole the day. In addition, the design stands out for featuring reinforced toe caps to resist constant wear, padded collars to add support and flexibility, and signature rubber waffle outsoles.

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The Nike Air Force One is another trainer that came back from 1986, and again this shoe is presented in different colours and patterns. It is simple but you can wear it with different outfits, from a sporty look to a chic outfit.

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In the middle of the year 2017 both Nike Air Huarache Ultra and Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 became really popular for their weird and unusual designs. However, they didn’t become as popular as the previous trainers.

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The Huarache model is very comfortable due to the neoprene material that secures the shoe into the ankle, in addition of a lacing system to allow a better fit. This shoe is more suitable to practice sport. Many men wear this shoe with jeans but it could also be worn with gym clothes or tracksuits.

Similarly, the Nike air max 97 Ultra ’17 are more suitable for sport/gym. They became very popular due to their distinctive golden colour. They are however, more expensive than Huarache.

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Adidas Originals Gazelle present a sole resembling the one that the Vans Old Skool have. Their sole is perfect to wear these shoes all day.

Written by Eleni Kleisouri

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