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Written by Rebecca | 09/02/2018


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Valentine’s Day is days away and you haven’t even got a clue what you want to wear out yet. Don’t worry, Mainline Menswear have created the recipe to make sure this won’t be your last Valentine’s together.

There are many Valentine’s Day dates to style for but we’ll start with the dinner date. A nice shirt, smart jeans. You can’t go wrong with a simple and smart white shirt. Old reliable. The cornerstone of every mans closet. You may not wear it often but you know it’s in there, ready and waiting.

The beauty of a smart white shirt is it can go with most type of jeans. With this Armani Exchange slim fit that is 98% cotton, you’ll be feeling and looking great. You wont stick out like a thumb whatever the occasion is, from Frankie and Benny’s to a candlelit dinner atop the Shard in London.

This Vivienne Westwood single button blazer is the perfect company for that white shirt/London shard combination. The navy blue colour exterior and red interior not only contrast each other well but against the white of Armani Exchange edition shirt, there is a nice blend of bright colours to create a clean and uncomplicated look.

Bowling or cinema more your style? Then we have the style for you! The more casual and comfortable attire to make sure your style isn’t cramped or your ability to throw a gutterball.

This pink adidas t-shirt, Levi’s jeans and Ted Baker leather brown belt will allow you the freedom of movement to let your significant other win or inflict complete domination – the choice is yours.

This mix is also perfect for a cinema date or if you’re staying in and enjoying a quiet one. For variety too you can never go wrong with a large loose fitting t-shirt for loungewear around the house, but don’t get sloppy! Effort is attractive and you don’t want to turn her away before you’ve got the chance to impress with dinner.

There’s a lot of options on display here and any of the options together will fare you well. You’ll reel in the Instagram likes with these fits too when she inevitably uploads your favourite selfies together in celebration!

Written by Aonghus Mullen

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