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Written by Rebecca | 29/03/2018

A watch is an accessory that everybody should have whether you are into them or not. It instantly adds style to your outfit, especially if you have the right watch. Some people barely give them a thought and don’t understand why people would have them when your phone does the same thing. To these people I say fashion is key.

For those of you that agree and appreciate watches for what they are, then thank you. But even then it can be hard to find the right watch to suit your style. They give away a lot of information about yourself, so it is important that you get it right.

Before you can even decide what kind of watch you need you have to adopt what kind of person you are. There’s no point getting a sporty watch if you aren’t the sporty type and, likewise, there’s no point getting a business watch if you aren’t in the business industry.

Classic Every Day Watch

Let’s start off with the basic – a watch for an everyday classic look. These watches should be durable and all purpose. You don’t want it to be broken easily, so a strong and comfortable strap is recommended.

Paul Smith Track Watch Brown

The watch should also have a standard dial which displays both the time and date. This way, when you are out running your errands, a quick glance at the watch and you’re sorted. You also need to ensure the dial is perfect for you. You don’t want the dial to look too big and out of place, but you also don’t want it to be too small.

Finally, this everyday watch needs to be a neutral colour. You want it on show but not for the wrong reasons. Black, silver or brown are the recommended colours as they match pretty much everything.

Formal Watch

If you have a formal event where you need to try and look sophisticated and impressive, then look no further than your watch.

Boss Hugo Boss 1513521 Governor Watch Gold

These watches should be very simple and easy to read. They tend to be very bold and stand out – but not enough that people judge you poorly. The dial, besides being easy to read, should also look visually pleasing as its formal attire. Overcomplicating things just makes you seem as though you’re trying too hard.

If possible, it is recommended that you try and get a thin watch that doesn’t weigh too much. At black tie events, a thinner watch will be able to be worn with a cuff linked shirt without feeling uncomfortable or leave a lump in your shirt.

Smart Watch

For all of you who are technology gurus or just love to keep up with trends then a smart watch is the right choice for you.

Boss Hugo Boss Touch Smart Watch Brown

Name something you can get on your phone and these watches will have it. It’s really just a smaller, handier phone. You can use them to play games, play videos, and if you link it to some Bluetooth headphones then it can even be a music player. This is why they tend to be the most expensive watches.

As they are all similar, it’s mainly up to you as to what you get. It really depends on what you will use it for If it’s just for telling the time, then you may be better off looking at something else. If you want to essentially replace your phone then you are spoilt for choice.

The only tips I can give for choosing a smart watch is to think about style. If you think the watch will look out of place or doesn’t match then you’re probably right. It really depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what outfits you’re planning on wearing it with.

Decide What You Need

Of course, there are other options for watches which may suit your style. However, these tend to be less favourable. At the end of the day it is up to you. If you see a watch you like then don’t let us stop you, just remember a watch really defines who you are.

You can take the safe option and know the watches will match, or you can be bold and risk looking rather stupid. There’s no right or wrong answer, but just remember the watch you choose could become your life partner.

Written by Owen Stammers

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