Franklin & Marshall – SS18 Preview

Written by Rebecca | 14/05/2018

Some brands have a rather novelty history when compared to the more traditional seeming companies and it’s safe to say Franklin & Marshall fall into this category.

The Franklin & Marshall name is originally linked to a famous American college, but in the late 1950s, sweatshirts featuring the name started to pop up in Europe.

The college itself began to investigate after realising that items featuring its name were beginning to crop up across the globe. After some discussion, in 2003 the Franklin & Marshall Brand as we know it came into existence.

Taking on the classic collegiate style and twisting it into a modern entity, the Franklin & Marshall brand has flagship stores in some of the biggest cities in the fashion world, namely Milan and Paris.

Franklin & Marshall SS18

Franklin & Marshall‘s SS18 collection stays true to their history and values with a range of American, vintage, college sports inspired pieces including jackets, shorts, varsity tees and trousers.

Franklin & Marshall Stripe Logo T-Shirt Navy

Franklin & Marshall Beachwear Logo Swim Shorts Black

Shop the new SS18 collection now and get a free gift with every order containing a Franklin & Marshall product!

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