How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Autumn

Written by Bronwen | 20/08/2018

2018’s summer was one for the books. Everyone forgot what it was like to be cold, no one needed an umbrella for weeks, “It’s Coming Home” genuinely made us hope again and Love Island filled the office gossip void without fail. Legendary summer, but it can’t last forever.

I’m very sorry to warn you all that soon it will be time to ditch your favourite flip flops and the summer shorts you wore every day – that were technically for swimming, we won’t judge.

Any day now my Dad will be zipping his shorts back into trousers, much to the relief of my mother, meaning it’s time we followed in his footsteps and made a few simple wardrobe changes ourselves.

Summer Jackets

We’ve talked about summer jackets a lot this year already, but they really are a staple you cannot afford to miss this late in the summer. With the weather turning, but still remaining pleasant for most of the day, a coat is simply too much, meaning the jacket is your answer.

Flip Flop into Trainers

Flip flops are out. Boots aren’t quite in. The middle ground? Trainers! Still cooling but covering your feet, a good pair of designer trainers are brilliant as the weather turns to autumn. We recommend Reebok Classics Revenge in white.

Once it gets cold cold (I’m sorry but it’s going to happen) we recommend some chukka boots. Stylish, reasonably formal, and able to match with pretty much everything, these are a safe choice this year.

rebook white trainers


Jeans Are Back

Time to put those legs away. Forget the tan, the heatwaves officially over. Jeans are now acceptable and not too hot to wear again. We recommend sticking to slightly cooler shades of blue than jumping back into black just yet, but it won’t be long before your favourite pair of jeans will be worn every day and not washed for months (don’t act like it isn’t true).

Layers Are Your Friend

Soon those short sleeved t-shirts just aren’t going to cut it. The easiest way to handle temperamental pre-autumn weather is layering.

We’ve got a whole blog about how to layer in summer, but the synopsis would be: t-shirts + open shirt + jacket is your go-to, no fail, safe choice for layering.

It’s perfect because you can add or subtract what you’re wearing depending on the weather – as long as you don’t go shirtless, I hate that. So, don’t be afraid to merge a few of your outfits into one.


Final Words

We recommend you don’t worry too much about your wardrobe, just stick your head out the window before you get dressed to deem how many layers you should be aiming for. And get ready, because in a few months we’ll be all about the thick coats, mittens, hats and boots.


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