How to Travel in Style

Written by Rebecca | 19/01/2018


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Whether travelling by land, air or sea you want to be comfy. Being comfy, doesn’t mean having to compromise on style either.

There are a few different factors to consider when planning your travel attire. Short or long haul? Business or pleasure? Public transport? Varying climates? Establishing these will make it a lot easier to put your outfit together.

Key Pieces for Travel

Slip On Footwear: Nobody wants to be the guy at airport security spending ten minutes putting his shoes back on.

Not only does your shoe selection need to be easy to take on and off, you also must consider the amount of time wearing them and the possibility of walking a fair bit.

If you’re traveling for pleasure, comfort is key. Some classic slip on vans will be the perfect choice for ultimate style and comfort.

Vans Classic Slip On 59 Canvas Trainers Grey

If you’re travelling for business and need to keep your attire as smart as possible, these leather Ted Baker Moccasin slip on shoes are ideal.

Ted Baker Bly 8 Leather Shoes Black

With all shoes, socks are a necessity so don’t forget your invisible socks to avoid any unwanted stink when taking your shoes off.

A Good Holdall: Stylish, yet sturdy carry-on luggage is a great investment whether you travel a little or a lot.

Herschel Novel Duffle Bag Navy | Fred Perry Saffiano Barrel Bag Black

Leather or canvas are both great, hardwearing choices for your holdall. A mid-sized bag should be big enough to fit a few days luggage in and if packed well enough can save you the bulky suitcase on a short stay away.

Outfits for Travel

Comfortable Casual: Jetting off for a bit of summer sun? Keep your travel outfit comfortable and light.

To battle the usual UK weather, travel in longer bottoms and take a pair of shorts in your carry on luggage to combat the sweltering heat on arrival.

Colmar Jogging Bottoms Grey | Calvin Klein Bolan T-Shirt White | Diesel Pan Shorts Black | G-Star Rackam Overshirt Jacket Blue

Wear a plain tee to match both your choice of bottoms for the journey and your shorts.

Finally layer a lightweight jacket over top in case of a temperature drop on the plane journey.

Business Travel: Unfortunately, travel doesn’t always mean leisure. For those travelling for business, dressing and packing is completely different.

If you have to head straight off to work as soon as you arrive in your destination, wear your suit – or part of it anyway. Wearing your suit saves it from getting creased and crinkled by being packed away in your case/carry on.

Boss Hugo Boss Huge 6 Genius 4 Suit Blue | Boss Hugo Boss Woven Silk Tie Red | Diesel S Nap Slim Shirt White

The tie isn’t compulsory whilst you travel, so pop that in your pocket and save it for when you arrive.

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