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Written by Bronwen | 11/06/2018


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Here at Mainline Menswear, we believe that distressed, or ripped jeans are a staple piece for your wardrobe. Sure, they might not be ideal for the wintertime, but every guy needs to own at least one pair for the warmer weather; let your legs breathe free! Not only do they look great, but they make bending your knees a lot easier than normal jeans – win-win!

It’s not easy when it comes to shopping for ripped jeans as there are many factors involved (colour, cuts, hole count etc.). It’s even harder to style them! With that in mind, here are 4 style tips to help you to put together an outfit to stand out.


You only need to look at the streets to notice that distressed jeans are a must-have this season. Celebrities and fashion bloggers can’t get enough of them. Kanye West, Pharrell William, and Scott Disick, to name a few, were spotted wearing these jeans out and about and even on red carpets.


Man In Ripped Jeans

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Let’s start simple. Ripped jeans are the easiest way to achieve a more versatile look. Simply include a pair of ripped jeans with your everyday casual wear, pairing it with a bomber jacket and a sweater. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


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If celebrities dare to wear ripped jeans on gala nights, don’t be afraid to wear them to go to work. Strut down that office with pride, and ignore Sharon from accounting as she ogles at your bare knees.

Distressed jeans with a smart jumper are perfect if you want to maintain a casual look, but still look professional. Teaming them with a shirt under a jumper and desert boots will help to achieve the smart look you’re looking for.


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The beauty of wearing ripped jeans is that they pretty much go with anything. You can always keep a stylish look simple by wearing ripped jeans with sneakers and a T-shirt. This outfit is proof!


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Denim is never too much. The denim jacket matching the denim distressed jeans is a brave choice for all the right reasons. Add a touch of glam by incorporating a pair of desert boots. If you need more tips on how to wear a denim jacket, you’ll find them on the blog.

Whether you are after a casual, sporty, classy or comfy look, distressed jeans suit any occasion – except weddings, maybe – just don’t say I didn’t warn you. The possibilities to combine alternative looks are endless. I mean, women’s fashion has gotten to the point where there are more rips than jeans, so being brave enough to have a gap at your knees seems tame in comparison.

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So there is it. We’ve shown you the basic methods to style your ripped jeans, but we recommend you let your creativity run wild. Have a look through Mainline Menswear’s collection of designer jeans and see if there’s a pair that’s right for you.

Written by Giorgia Pizzimenti

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