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Written by Rebecca | 07/03/2018


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Even for the most in-demand actor of the year, Hugh Jackman has had his fair share of iconic fashion moments. After 17 years of playing the notorious character ‘Wolverine’ in the ‘X-Men’ film series, he has decided to drop the silver sharp claws and set out for the most exciting year ahead.

A style icon for men is much more than just the fashion. An icon portrays confidence, charisma and sense of assurance – all of which Jackman effortlessly pulls off.

Notorious for being “the nicest guy in Hollywood”, Hugh Jackman is, quite frankly, one of the coolest when it comes to fashion. Though it seems like he jumps from one premiere to another, living his life in a suit and tie, in fact the Wolverine star is a big fan of cool, casual clothing as much as we are (and that’s a lot).

Whether you follow the Aussie’s superstar style or just fancy updating your wardrobe, we thought we’d bring you outfits that will inspire you. Here are a couple of our favourites…

[Photo: Pinterest]

We all know Jackman is one for the red carpet, and the outfit above shows he knows how to rock the perfect suit/jacket and shirt combo. Instead of going for the classic English black-tie attire, he opted to play it down with a smart white shirt. Along with this, he’s paired it with a royal navy buttoned jacket and navy trousers.

Why not try emulating this look with our picks of navy blazers? From Vivienne Westwood to Hugo Boss, you name it, we’ve got it covered. However, if you have a similar jacket, perhaps try pairing it with a light t-shirt and skinny jeans for a more casual vibe.

[Photo: Pinterest]

Well if it’s not another one-colour outfit! Jackman sure knows how to style shades taken from the same colour. His approach on this bold fashion move has been to match this satin-like material with a casual t-shirt, something here for everyone!

Although, if you’re looking to jazz up a one colour-based outfit, perhaps choose a different texture or print. To get the same effect, try pairing this Nudie Jeans t-shirt and Armani trouser combo with a smart blazer jacket.

Written by Eleanor Anderson

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