Introducing: K-Way

Written by Bronwen | 05/09/2018

New to Mainline Menswear and perfect for the coming autumn: K-Way. The experts when it comes to keeping dry in wet weather, the classic rainproof original “Pac-a-Mac” is available here today in a fantastic range of colours and 80s inspired styles as well as K-Way jumpers, t-shirts and jackets.

K Way


K-Way came to life in 1965 during one particularly rainy evening in Paris. Lean Claude Duhamel sat in the dry confines of a café as he watched various Parisians rush by in wet clothes. Then it came to him like a splash of cold water – lightweight, nylon Pac-a-macs. And so, K-Way was born.


K-Way jackets are known for being ultra-lightweight and, of course, completely waterproof. They’ve also branched out to create colourful jumpers, sweatshirts and logo t-shirts, all complete with the K-Way logo.


No longer do you need to choose between looking good or dressing for the rain. K-Way make it easy to look good whilst keeping you dry from every unpredictable British Season.  Parisian design for a British climate.



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