Mainline Menswear’s Top 5 Summer Staples For 2018

Written by Bronwen | 29/06/2018

It is officially summer, and the sun is heating up. Dressing for the heat can be awkward and difficult, so here are Mainline Menswear’s main summer staples you’ll need to get through the hot weather in style.

The Sunglasses

Okay, so this may seem pretty obvious, but a decent pair of sunglasses is simply a must for your summer wardrobe. Protecting your eyes from UV light and adding a touch of style to an otherwise sweaty, summer outfit. You cannot go without a pair of sunglasses this season.

We recently told you about our favourite sunglasses this summer, but if you’re in a rush and not sure what to pick, then I recommend you go for some classic aviator glasses like these from Ray Ban. A classic style from a much-loved brand, you can’t go wrong with these.




The White Trainers

Canvas plimsolls, white sneakers, tennis shoes – whatever you’re calling them, keep your feet looking and feeling cool with a pair of white trainers this summer. The bonus to this trick is that white trainers will go with literally anything and won’t heat up your feet like darker coloured shoes. Win-win!

white trainers


The White Tee

Similar to the white trainers (see above) a white t shirt will match with any outfit, keep you cool, and can be worn for a number of different occasions. Simple, easy and a must have – in my humble opinion everyone should have at least one white t shirt in their summer wardrobe.

man in white t shirt

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Colourful Swimming Trunks

Here’s our wildcard: colourful swimming trunks. Sure, they’re maybe not a summer must have, or essential in any way, shape or form. But they’re fun, they’re happy, and they’re sure to help you stand out from the other boys when you’re lounging by the pool.

Have a look at some of the swimming trunks we have in stock and you’ll see what I mean. (Personally, I’m partial to the Ralph Lauren Hawaiian landscape trunks. They remind me of a calm and tranquil scene, these trunks are now my new happy place).

swimming trunks


The Summer Cap

Accessories for men are in, and not only does a summer hat shade you from the sun, it will give your otherwise simple summer outfit a bit of flare. Just do us all a favour and wear your hat the right way around. It isn’t 1995.

baseball cap

So there you have it. Five summer staples you simply cannot go without. If I had to add a sixth, I’d remind you to keep hydrated and always carry a bottle of water around in the hot weather, and to enjoy it while it lasts!



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