Men: What to Pack for Your Summer Holiday

Written by Bronwen | 27/07/2018

It happens every year (if you’re that lucky) you go on holiday and don’t realise you’ve forgotten around 12 important things until you’re lounging by the pool while the pool boy, Felipe, passes you your fifth Pina Colada that morning, with the minimum amount of judgement he can muster – which let’s face it, is a lot.

Well, we say: no more, Felipe! To help you pack for your summer holidays, Mainline Menswear have made packing easy with our six summer holiday essentials.

man in designer shirt


Yea this might seem obvious. Of course, you need a suitcase but bear with us for one second. The right suitcase will make all the difference on your trip. No wobbly wheels, flimsy exterior and no room for every pair of swim trunks you own.

A fresh suitcase will make packing a fun breeze and something we recommend. Plus, you’ll feel safer with a new suitcase when it is quite literally thrown onto the plane at full force.

We recommend: Eastpak’s range of Tranzshell suitcases. In a variety of colours, lightweight, 360 wheel system and TSA approved combination lock, it’s a no-brainer!



Easy to forget, extremely missed. Sunglasses are so small we often don’t even know where we’ve left them, but a nice pair of designer sunglasses will remain with you for the whole vacation under that sweltering sun, so make sure you remember to pack them!

We recommend: aviator Ray Ban sunglasses. A classic cut from the famous brand. Ray Bans know their sunnies, and these will complete any holiday outfit you put together.

mens designer sunglasses



Don’t just pack your favourite pair of jeans thinking you’ll wear them every day. One pair of shorts is absolutely necessary for your holiday. If you’re not a fan, we have a guide on how to style shorts here.

We recommend: These Luke 1977 tailored chino shorts in navy. Stylish, simple and easy to match. You’ll be wearing these for the whole trip.

men's designer shorts



Again, this may be obvious, but they’re essentials for a reason. What you may not have thought of is to always pack suncream and aftersun with your swim shorts. Stay safe when you’re sunbathing!

We recommend: Ralph Lauren’s boat print swim shorts for their bright, happy, colourful pattern. Just looking at these make us excited for the poolside. Felipe won’t know where to look.

emporio armani shorts



Turns out, a lot of things you need begin with the letter S. Who knew right? When packing sandals we’re not talking about your old regular flip-flops and edgy sliders. Chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of walking (mainly through getting lost) so it’s important your feet are comfortable and can breathe.

We recommend: Birkenstock sandals. Not only fashionable but they feel like you’re walking on air. These sandals will match with all your summer outfits and let you walk for miles with no punishing blisters either.

birkenstock sandals



The number one packing rule is to make sure you bring one item of clothing for the unexpected weather. If the weather suddenly turns cold (it could happen) then you’re going to need to layer up quick. That’s why you should always pack one piece you don’t think you’ll need – just in case.

We recommend: A Luke 1977 sweatshirt for when the weatherman lets you down. Thin but comfortable, we hope you won’t need a jumper on your summer holiday, but just in case, at least you’ll look good while you’re wearing it.



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