Men: What To Wear At The Races

Written by Bronwen | 27/06/2018

The sun is out (kinda) and races season is here, with Ascot, Goodwood and many others galloping by you need that new look, the new suit for it. Just because you can’t wear an extravagant hat like the ladies doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. We’re ready to provide some simple tips and tricks so you’ll have everything you need to get ready for the races.

Though the dress code can differ, it’s important you look smart for the big day. Therefore a suit is always a good choice, but try not to go for your everyday work suit. You want to have fun, and office wear isn’t the way to do that. Why not be a bit bolder with your suit choices for the races and try less traditional colours like blue, grey and plum? Today we’re going to talk about two specific style choices to keep things simple, but still highly recommend experimenting if that’s your ‘thang.


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The Blue Suit

Let us start with the blue suit look. Blue suits are becoming ever more popular lately. A flattering colour, and more jolly than a black suit, it’s no wonder. With a blue shirt, suit and brown leather shoes what could go wrong? Nothing! That’s what.

If you’re not sure what to pick to achieve the blue suit look, then here are a few basic rules to make sure you’re matching:

  1. Blue suit = brown shoes, brown belt in most cases
  2. A general “rule” for men’s socks is that they should match your trousers, not your shoes. So blue socks with brown shoes and a blue suit is a-okay.
  3. Lots of different coloured ties will match with your blue suit, but if you’re struggling, we would suggest dark blue, red or black.

Still feeling a little lost? Get the look without the hassle with Mainline Menswear’s Hugo Boss suit in blue. Match your new suit with some beige chinos, Ted Baker shoes and an Emporio Armani slim fitted shirt. Easy peasy.

Anderson Belt

The Classic Suit

Wanting to stick to basics? That’s not always a bad thing. The safe choice will leave you feeling confident and comfortable for the whole day, and these looks are timeless for a reason. So, if you want more of the classic look, a crisp white shirt, dark trousers, black jacket and matching tie is the route to go.

black suit

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So what do you need to match? We recommend a white button-up shirt, black jacket, black trousers, black shoes and a blue tie. Simple yet classic.

If you’re feeling a little brave, and want to add a touch of modern rebellion to this timeless outfit, then we highly recommend one of Anderson’s colourful belts. They will match with the black but give your classic outfit a modern twist.


Anderson Colourful Belt

With this combination, you’ll be looking smooth, sleek and sophisticated.

So there we have it. Two suit choices that’ll leave even the Queen distracted from her horses. Though these are just a couple of examples that Mainline offer to get you ready for the races; there are plenty more to explore! Using our basic tips, we recommend you create your own look so you can relax and feel stylish whilst watching the race to the finish line.

queen racing

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By Georgia Jerrey

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