Style Icon – Chris Hemsworth

Written by: Bronwen Collins | August 16, 2018.

We’ve spoken about Chris Pratt’s twead shirts and we’ve discussed Chris Evans and his many suits. It would, therefore, be amiss of us not to mention the final Chris in this beautiful style triangle – Chris Hemsworth.

Perfecting the surfer vibe and rocking the red carpet daily, here is why he is Mainline Menswear’s newest style icon.

Accessories Count

No, he isn’t drinking wine from a straw. Or maybe he is? Either way that’s not what matters. What does matter are the rings and watch combo Chris is rocking in the image below. Men’s accessories are often forgotten, but Chris Hemsworth’s look is made all the better by these finishing touches we think you should try. Two rings on one hand and one on the other ensures he hasn’t overdone it, with the designer watch finishing the look off nicely.

For more advice on men’s accessories and how to wear them click here.

Our Favourites: Literally anything in the Vivienne Westwood jewellery range. You cannot go wrong.

Chris hemsworth accessories

[Image: Instagram]

Waistcoat Upgrade

A three-piece suit can seem a little daunting, but the waistcoat makes all the difference. Smart and stylish, Chris Hemsworth rocks this look, and you can too. It also means you don’t have to worry about wearing a belt (as you shouldn’t with a waistcoat) and a three-piece suit makes an already smart outfit look all the more for it.

Chris also often neglects to wear a tie, and we think it’s working for him! Casual meets smart as he unbuttons a few buttons, and gets away with it due to the smart waistcoat and blazer combo – plus the whole super in shape vibe he has going on, but that’s neither here nor there.

Read all about how to wear a waistcoat here.

Our favourites: Hugo Boss 6 Waistcoat in black, smart, sleek and easy to match.

chris hemsworth waistcoat

[Image: Instagram]

The Black Shirt

Another suit, a whole different look. Break tradition an opt for a black shirt with your suit just like Chris does in the image below.  A more casual look by far means you can ditch that annoying tie in classic Hemsworth style, but still look smart with a blazer.

Our favourite pick: Fred Perry’s Classic Oxford shirt in black

black shirt chris hemsworth

[Image: Instagram]

Final Words

So who’s your favourite style icon out of all the Chris’s we’ve discussed? Mines probably Chris Noth, but that’s a different story. Whether it’s Hemsworth, Pratt or Evans, I think we can all agree they have mastered their own individual looks. And picking one to follow is bound to bring an added touch of Hollywood to your wardrobe.


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