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Written by Bronwen | 29/08/2018


From Khal Drogo to Aquaman, Jason Momoa is a man of many muscles talents. In true celebrity style, Jason also tends to wear what he wants when he wants; including ties wrapped around his shoulders, bright velvet shoes, old bowler hats and oversized waistcoats, to name a few.

Sure, it might be easy to look good in bowler hats and vest tops when you are literally built like a Greek God, but it also takes a lot of confidence, Which Jason is definitely not lacking.  Momoa’s outfits can be described as pure madness, he is the best worst-dresser to feature as our latest style icon, and here’s why.

The Bling

Check out those rings! Jason Momoa definitely isn’t afraid to wear a bit of jewellery, so neither should you! Sure, the rings Jason’s wearing here are custom made, but you can still pull off men’s accessories with a little help from some designer brands.

The key to this look? A simple black tee, meaning the clothing + men’s rings combined aren’t overpowering.

We recommend Vivienne Westwood’s line of men’s jewellery for this look. We also have a blog that explains how you should wear men’s accessories if you’re a little stuck.

Jason Mamoa Men's Rings

[Image: Instagram]

All Black

If there’s one thing I’d say for Jason’s style, it’s that he definitely isn’t a fan of sleeves. This all black, vest, jeans and boots combo are easy to style but difficult to look good in. Jason is managing not only because he has biceps bigger than my head, but also because he has the confidence to match.

Feel good and stay comfy out and about with this Jason inspired outfit. We recommend an Emporio Armani vest in black paired with Red Wing Classic’s chukka boots to emulate this look.

men's black vest

[Image: Instagram]

Matching Chinos

This next look mixes biker-goth with smart-office as Jason shops for guitars in a black printed shirt matched with brown chinos and a matching duffel coat. This outfit really isn’t anything special or complicated, just comfortable clothing that doesn’t clash. So, what’s the lesson here? Wear what you like!

coat chinos

[Image: Instagram]

Animal Print

Last but by no means least is… This… This “look.” I’m not quite sure how to describe it, except to say it takes some serious guts to wear a bowler hat and a leopard print vest in public. I don’t recommend you try to recreate this outfit, but at the very least respect how well Jason Momoa pulls it off.

men's hat

[Image: Instagram]

We at Mainline Menswear would like to personally congratulate you if you’re managing to dress like the leader of the Dothraki, the hair and muscles might take a bit more work though.


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