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Written by Bronwen | 21/09/2018


Style Icon

With Venom hitting cinemas across the globe it’s safe to say Tom Hardy has come a long way. Having starred as some of the most equally memorable and distinctive characters, Tom both acts and dresses confidentially. A casual but trendy kind of icon, here’s what we love most about Tom Hardy’s style.

Classic Blue Shirt

Let’s start off pretty simple with smart-casual done right. Hardy looks great in this blue shirt and trouser combo – though not as formal as a full suit.

This is a great option if the weather’s hot but casual isn’t an option. Tom still looks smart due to his genuine leather belt, large watch and general air of ‘I don’t care how I look.’ He continues to dress how he pleases, and his own style shows that he doesn’t feel the need to dress up for cameras and the press – go you, Tom!

[Image: Zimbio]

Double White

Now onto a more casual choice, but not something we’d tend to pick ourselves, double white. A white tee matched with white jeans is brave in my opinion – especially if you want to sit on the grass – but Tom Hardy’s style is on point with this playful look, complete with a few bracelets as accessories.

[Image: getty]

The Suit

Casual done, now it’s time for the ultimate formal wear – the waistcoat. This outfit has a smart, vintage feel to it, particularly with the addition of the patterned waistcoat and matching trousers. I’m not sure about the double watch situation though. I mean, you do you, but if you want my opinion I’d stick to one. Sorry, Tom.

[Image: Esquire]

The Big Coat

Last but by no means least is the warmest looking pair below. Tom Hardy has a coat, the puppy has a jumper, this is honestly the perfect image.

Tom Hardy’s outfit here is really simple to pull off: warm coat, jeans and walking boots, easy. If you want this look then we recommend any coats from Alpha Industries as they have a number of jackets that are similar, matched with a nice pair of chukka boots. Also, you’ll need the puppy to complete the style, that is an absolute MUST.

[Image: Buzzfeed]

Hardy’s approach to fashion seems to be ‘laid back’. Simple but effective, and something you can achieve too if you stop worrying about the complete look and instead pick a few individual pieces you really like.


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