New Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Written by Rebecca | 05/01/2018

A new year means new trends. We have already had a sneak peek from the catwalks at Men’s Fashion Weeks for spring 2018.

Will these trends be popular? We will have to wait until spring to find out. Until then, take a look at the major trends spotted on the runways.

Colourful Suits

[Photo: Pinterest]

Suits have been making a come back for a while now, but for the upcoming season they come with a twist.

Suits this season have definitely become more relaxed with not-so-subtle colours.

Hawaiian Shirts

[Photo: Pinterest]

You’d have to be living under a rock not to spot men already wearing the Hawaiian shirt.

All over the world guys are wearing them on the streets, but some upcoming revivals from top designers including Paul Smith are worth waiting a little longer for.

Short Shorts

[Photo: Pinterest]

Good news for the more daring man… The short shorts trend is back. On the men’s runways, the stranger and shorter they were, the better!

Technical Mountain Wear

[Photo: Pinterest]

This year, designers have infused a massive amount of technicality and nineties colours into their new pieces.

Bum Bags

[Photo: Pinterest]

We all thought this trend was dead and buried after the nineties.

Only seen around the waists of tourists, the bum bag is back with a modern twist – Seen on the catwalks worn around your torso, not waist.

Large Logos

[Photo: Pinterest]

Designers are bringing back the branding, and its bigger than ever – Literally. Get ready to see designer logos EVERYWHERE.

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