AW19 With EA7 Emporio Armani

Written by: Bronwen Collins | November 20, 2019.

EA7 Emporio Armani was born in 2004 from the passion for sports and the desire to continuously modernise sporting clothing through technological research. This year they’re offering technical clothing for men geared to meet the needs of various athletic disciplines, with the AW19 available online with Mainline Menswear.

A man is leaning against a fence wearing black EA7 jacket, shirt and baseball cap.

EA7 is looking towards the future and the latest fashion trends, offering a luxury sports wardrobe perfect for those who want to wear exclusive looks while engaged in physical, sporting activity.

The clothing, made with innovative materials and applying new technologies, is high-performing, with extremely modern shapes. For the autumn/winter collection, the colour black predominates, augmented with metallic prints.

A man is walking down some steps running a hand through his hair. He is wearing black EA7 jackets, fleece and tracksuit bottoms.

EA7 Emporio Armani offers urban and active looks for all ages, designed for both indoor and outdoor training. The colour palette ranges from classic white, black and grey to iridescent. Stylised camouflage is back once again to give specific pieces a flair, and maxi-versions of the EA7 logo feature boldly on tracksuits, t-shirts and sweaters.

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