Men: How to Style Summer Printed Shirts

Written by Bronwen | 29/04/2019

Fortune favours the bold this season, and the stigma around the printed shirt has finally been lifted. Once seen as loud and obnoxious, printed shirts were seen everywhere on the runway this season, and they’re the freshest way to upgrade your outfit.

We’re here to help you learn how to wear a printed shirt stylishly. Avoid looking like a dad on holiday and follow these simple rules on how to pull off a printed shirt.

Go Subtle

This impressionist style can look garish if worn incorrectly. Which is why starting subtle isn’t a bad road to go down with your summer shirts. Stick to classic prints. These include polka dots, stripes, gingham print and plaid. Starting off subtle and working your way up with prints will give you a good idea of how loud you want to take things.


Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts have gone through a renaissance in recent years. No longer do they belong to holiday dads wearing socks with sandals. Thanks to a few of our favourite designers, Hawaiian shirts have had a stylish revamp, and look great matched with dark skinny jeans if the pattern is a muted shade.

Perfect for holiday vibes, think casual when wearing your Hawaiian shirts. White sneakers, graphic tees and sunny shades are all perfect combos.

Hawaiin Print Les Deux

Loud Statements

If you want to go loud and proud then your shirt needs to be the centre stage. Stick to muted tones to match with a bright summer print, sand and navy are good choices to go for.

You can also put on a jacket if you want less shirt on show. Or do a Jeff Goldblum and wear a printed shirt underneath a three-piece suit – though this is a pretty ballsy move.

Loud Print BBC

Big Prints

If you want big patterns (florals or animals are always solid choices) then go for neutral tones with the rest of your outfit. This is a good rule, as if the patterns loud your colours don’t need to be. Earth tones are always easy to pair with neutrals like those light washed jeans and trainers that are already your go toes. If you’re still not sure, then stick to white like below.

a bright Levis shirt with flamingos


To Recap

  • Keep things subtle if you’re not sure.
  • Hawaiian shirts CAN be sophisticated.
  • Loud statement shirts need to be the only loud piece in your outfit.
  • Choose big patterns in earthy tones to make sure things are easy to match.


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