Mens Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Written by Bronwen | 09/01/2019




2019 is the year to be daring with your clothes and work with new outfits. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ll go through upcoming trends from AW18 that are rising in popularity and definitely the ones to watch out for in 2019. New year, new you, new wardrobe.


Of course, branding is making a return. Street style has been bringing back some old classics from the era where MTV actually played music. Go loud with logo tees and all over logo print designs this year to make your casual outfits pop.

Man wearing a coat and trousers with brand logos printed

[Image: Vogue]


Brands like Alexander McQueen and Versace have been bringing checks back with force. Most notably Scottish clan tartan to really make your outfit stand out. From dressing gowns to blazers, tartan checks are the ones to go for in 2019.

man wearing tartan checkcs

[Image: Vogue]


Seasonal styling and layering have always been popular, and nothing has changed for the new year. Pairing hoodies with a jacket and a coat are a sure fire way to keep you toasty warm whilst staying on trend and stylish. Not sure how to layer? Well, I’m not saying you have to wrap a parka around your head like below, but we do have a handy how-to here.

Man on catwalk wearing two coats

[Image: Vogue]

Clashing Patterns

Bright, bold pattern clashing was seen everywhere at the shows and is the latest fashion faux pas’ brands like Versace love to break, with catwalk outfits such as newspaper print and classic Versace patterns meshed together to create an overpowering look. So, don’t be afraid if you’re wearing more than one pattern in 2019 and go brash and bold.

man on catwalk wearing clashing patterns

[Image: Vogue]

Final Notes

There we have it, our favourites from AW18’s fashion shows. From pattern clashing to all-over logo print, we think the main point you should take into 2019 is to feel confident no matter what you’re wearing. Keep up your fashion trends with a new wardrobe for the new year, and stay ahead of the curve with our helpful tips and tricks to get you standing out for all the right reasons.


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