Men’s Accessories Do’s & Don’ts

Written by Bronwen | 11/02/2019

Men’s accessories can be a minefield when prepping your outfit. When is less more? What matches with what? When are accessories not appropriate and when are they? Mainline Menswear have prepared a few simple do’s and don’ts to help you with those finishing touches to your outfit.


No, not the ones that hold up your socks. Suspenders can make you look smart, stylish and sleek. But worn incorrectly and you’ll just give the impression you’ve come straight from the 80s.

Don’t: Wear them with belt. Seriously, the whole point of suspenders is that you DON’T need a belt.

Do: Show them off and wear without a jacket. Chances are you’re not really wearing them to hold your trousers up (sure, they’re doing the job, but a belt would have been easier) and the suspenders are a statement accessory you should definitely be showing off – so ditch the jacket!

Mens Suspenders

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Pocket Square

Brilliant for weddings and special occasions, pocket squares turn an otherwise boring suit into something flashy.

Don’t: Match to your tie. A pocket square the exact colour of your tie may technically match, but it won’t look good. They’re there to stand out.

Do: Pick a style that shows off. Pocket squares are there to be a splash of colour against an otherwise sensible suit, so don’t be afraid to go for wild patterns and exciting colours.

pocket square

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Not just for women, bracelets shouldn’t be considered feminine; and can be a great addition to your off-duty wardrobe. We recommend Vivienne Westwood’s collection of jewellery.

Don’t: Overdo it. We’re all for stacking two or three bracelets together, but any more and things become clunky. Stick to three bracelets maximum to avoid overpowering your clothes.

Do: Wear it with confidence! Fight the social stigma by being confident in your outfit. Wear your bracelet with a watch so it becomes a stylish accompaniment.


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Don’t think you’re limited to just a wedding band. Rings can look very stylish on men if worn correctly.

Don’t: Wear too many. When it comes to men’s accessories, less is more. Mainline Menswear recommend you try to keep to 1-2 rings per hand. Anything else is overkill.

Do: Be safe for work. We don’t recommend expressing your style through a ring – go for patterned socks instead if that’s your aim. If your ring doesn’t look professional, then people won’t take it (or you) seriously. Keep to simple and subtle designs for men’s jewellery.


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