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Written by Bronwen | 19/07/2019


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Netflix is a renowned power in creating binge-inducing shows and Stranger Things was no exception. Joe Keery stars as the popular guy turned babysitter, Steve Harrington, who quickly stole the Stranger Things heart-throb crown. Having played a more prominent role from the beginning of Season 2 of Stranger Things and now in Season 3, Joe rose in popularity with the public and is now arguably just as famous for rocking his gravity-defying ‘modern-mullet’ alongside his extremely cool retro feel wardrobe.

Playing a character in a TV show based in the mid-80s, Joe seems more than comfortable replicating the on-screen wardrobe into his day to day life. It almost feels like Joe has grown up in the wrong era despite the fact his style works perfectly in 2019. Retro clothes are very much in. So naturally, Joe Keery is our latest style icon.

Joe Keery in orange sweater

[Image: Brandon Elliot]


Many of Joe’s outfits are very simple, yet still outrageously eye-catching. Fond of dark jeans, often black, and no stranger to black shoes, the main feature of Joe’s outfits tends to be his outer-layer. Joe is regularly seen sporting stunning overcoats and amazing jackets. His look is clean and perfects the importance of how a good jacketcan be your best friend.

Joe Keery Wearing a Green Jackets

[Image: GQ]


Considering that the majority of Joe’s style seems to be a nod to retro and 80s fashion, it should come as no surprise to Joe in a pair of Converse. Some shoes just never go out of fashion, and its fair to say that Converse have got this spot on. Joe can be seen here chilling in a classic Navy pair of Chuck Taylor style Converse. Converse have got to be the retro go-to, right? If they’re good enough for a style icon like Joe, they’re definitely good enough for us. 

joe keery wearing converse

[Image: theroguemag]


Look, Joe is effortlessly cool and a definite style icon for young adults worldwide. There are blogs, interviews and even YouTube tutorials on how to perfect his gravity-defying hairstyle alone. But is it all in the hair? I don’t think so. Joe just appears so natural in the way he brings his love for retro clothes into the 21st Century, and somewhere underneath all that hair, clearly has a great brain to bring together his superb dress sense.

A haircut can only take you so far to being a style icon and I’m sorry if you’re past the point of being able to grow a modern-mullet, but just take a second to look beyond the big hair and I’m still a huge fan of Joe’s style, concluding that it’s very fair to say – Joe Keery is most definitely a style icon.


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