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Written by Bronwen | 26/06/2019


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From announcing to the world that he makes “awesome decisions in bike stores,” to feeling extremely inspired by Ikea, it is safe to say that Kanye West is a man of many surprises. Ignoring his much-missed twitter for a few seconds, we would like to discuss Kanye West’s style. With a few shocking outfits sprinkled here and there, Kanye is definitely a man who appreciates fashion.

To start with, Kanye has his own label Yeezy, collaborated with Adidas. Then with a second label ‘Calabasas’ with his wife, Kim Kardashian West and Adidas. These strides in the fashion industry alone make Kanye a style icon, but we’d like to delve into some of our favourite outfits that Kanye (also known as Ye) has rocked this year.

Minimal Effort at The Met Gala

Kanye keeping it cool. On a night like the Met Gala when celebrities are battling to stand out the most with the most unique outfit, Kanye west completely ignores that and stands out by keeping it casual.  The rapper wore a simple black Dickies zip-up jacket (worth a very fair $43). This was then paired with a white t-shirt, black pants and black Yeezy season 4 combat boots. An outfit we could all achieve ourselves that he picked for fashion’s biggest night. Is that rude? I mean, maybe. Is it bold? Probably. Is it a simple and easy outfit we could wear into town? Definitely.

Kanye West at the Met Gala in an all black jacket trousers and trainers outfit, stood next to Kim Kardashian

[Image: Daily Mail]

North Face

Next up in Kanye West’s style, looking good in his very weather appropriate jacket from The North Face. And look! He’s actually smiling for once. If that doesn’t convince you to grab a North Face jacket, then we’re not sure what will.

The point is this outfit is once again simple, comfy and perfect for the colder weather. Well done, Kanye.

Kanye West Stepping out of a car and smiling. Wearing The North Face Jacket

[Image: Pinterest]

The Trainers

You thought we were going to talk about the jacket, didn’t you? In the words of Trump: wrong! Sure, the statement jacket is great (and we recommend statement jackets to one and all) but what we really want to take note here are the trainers. That’s right, the classic three stripe trainers. It is safe to say Kanye LOVES Adidas, and they probably love him if their collaborations are anything to go by. He is constantly being seen in a pair of adidas Originals trainers, so if they’re good enough for Ye they’re good enough for you.

This is a look anyone can pull off with minimal effort. And it really shows how versatile a pair of Adidas trainers can be.

Kanye West Wearing adidas Originals trainers with blue tracksuit bottoms and a loud jacket

[Image: GQ]

The Don’t-Talk-To-Me Vibes

Our final outfit is similar to the others, in that it features Kanye West, but is also very easy for us non-Kanyes to pull off. Once again Kanye is representing his Adidas ties with some classic tracksuit bottoms, but he’s styled this casual look up with a bit of layering. We bang on about layering a lot here at Mainline Menswear, and that’s because it can upgrade your outfit instantly and makes everything seem a little more put together and a lot more thought out.

Kanye West Walking down the street wearing green Adidas tracksuit bottoms, matched with a green hoodie and a beige jacket

[Image: GQ]

Take a leaf out of Kanye’s book and layer your top half when your bottoms are some simple tracksuits. We don’t recommend covering half your face with your hood though, you won’t be able to see where you’re walking and it’s just not safe. Bad, Kanye.

To Conclude

So how would we describe Kanye West’s style? In short: easy, simple with a large dash I-Don’t-Care-What-You-Think attitude. Adidas is your first stop if you want to look like Kanye West, and then please remember that smiling is optional.


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