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Written by Bronwen | 24/06/2019



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As summer rolls in you should probably start thinking about making those last few additions to complete your summer wardrobe for 2019. With comfier outfits for the summer heat, accessories play a huge part in completing those simpler, less layered outfit choices you’re bound to be sporting this year.

Here are our top summer accessories for 2019 that you’ve got to get your hands on:

Bucket Hats

It’s fair to say that 90s vintage appears to be here to stay, and with that so is the bucket hat. The classic holiday & festival headwear is an excellent throwback choice to show off this summer to keep you nice and cool. We recommend you either keep things simple with your bucket hat so it doesn’t take away from the rest of your outfit. Or, a much braver option, is to make the bucket hat the focal piece of your look, meaning you can go loud and proud with this accessory if the rest of your clothes stay subdue to match. 

Adidas originals present this black streetwear-inspired look, ideal for day to day wear.

Asidas originals bucket hat in black

To really encapsulate the 90s sportswear vintage, look no further than Fila, with a variety of colours to choose from.

Fila Vintage basil hat in white

If you’re looking for a more out-there summer feel, Carhartt & Tommy Hilfiger both provide excellent choices with bold patterns but very summery nonetheless.


Sunglasses are a holiday must, and we have plenty of advice to give when it comes to sunglasses. Mainly to pick what makes you feel most like you belong on Top Gun. It really is a matter of preference, but a nice pair of statement sunglasses will certainly give you a boost of confidence over the summer. From Gucci to Prada, shop our designer sunglasses collection for men here.

Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses In Blue, Square shaped acetate frames in a matte navy finish with reflective blue lenses. Integrated nose guards with the discreet signature Prada logo on the top of the left lens. Contrasting blue arms with the signature Prada logo situated on each temple in red and white

We can also give you tips on how to wear sunglasses like Lewis Capaldi (if that’s what you really want) here.


Waist Bags\Cross Body Bags

With temperatures on the rise, it is wise to go for a smaller waist or cross body bag that won’t make you overheat. Pack nothing but essentials into one of our smaller bags and you’ll thank us later, no sweaty backpack stains on your T-shirts and you’ll look great.

For something subtle, this EA7 bag is an excellent choice and at £35 won’t break the bank.

Black EA7 Body Bag

More vibrant and rocking the traditional Hilfiger colours, this Tommy Hilfiger bag fulfils every light-wear bag need this summer.

Tommy Hilfiger Bag in red, white and black

Look no further than this Nike Core Heritage Waist Bag for a funky floral print, sticking with this summers popular floral prints.

Nike Core Heritage Waist Bag


Watches are a perfect finish to any outfit, instead of fumbling around to get your phone out to check the time, watches are extremely useful and make a statement when completing your summer outfits. Just remember to take it off before you sunbathe, you don’t want to have that tan line. Check out our fantastic watch collection here.

To Conclude

Accessories are essential if you’re heading away this summer, they complete your outfit and also hold a lot of conveniences. If bucket hats aren’t your thing, or you fancy something a little different bag-wise, check out our accessories. Also, remember to pack everything – don’t forget your underwear!


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