Trend Report: How To Wear Neon

Written by Bronwen | 28/06/2019

Menswear tends to be a more muted palette; however neon hues are hitting the fashion trends and fast. From Neon Parties on Love Island to bright sportswear on the field. The aim is to look as bright as a highlighter because fashion has gone high-vis. But no we’re not suggesting you dig out your roadside jacket, add in some statement pieces and fresh accents to hit this autumn/winter trend and make sure they get noticed with these choices of vibrant colours.

Diesel Neon T-Shirt

How To Wear Neon

There really aren’t that many rules when it comes to wearing neon – except to be brave perhaps. The important decision you want to make is picking which part of your outfit is going to be neon. Whether it’s your trainers, jacket, shoes or even socks – make sure you pick the item that you want to make the centrepiece of your outfit, as you are literally highlighting it in a big bold colour.

If your neon outfit seems a little too much (which obviously it will) then remember that layering is your friend. You can make a bright piece of clothing more subtle by layering on top of it. For example, a neon t-shirt paired with a denim jacket.

Here we have a few examples of neon outfits to get you starter.

Attention Grabbing Trainers

Neon yellow is the perfect colour to highlight your feet. This is a fantastic go-to if you want your trainers to be the centrepiece of your outfit. Draw attention with these black and neon yellow tech runner, the new addition to Mallet. The style is constructed from premium knit interwoven fabric on a unique bubble sole. Another option is to add some vintage nostalgia and keep on-trend with the Adidas Continental 80 trainers. Both are on-trend and will make your feet glow.

Mallet Tech trainers in black and dotted neon green highlighting

Adidas Originals Continental 80 Trainers in Neon Yellow

Bright T-Shirts

Don’t fancy drawing that much attention to your feet? Opt for an on-trend t-shirt and make that stand out instead. These styles from Adidas and Superdry are on-trend but aren’t as bold as some t-shirts. They’re lowkey neon but still pack a punch and will keep you feeling summery and stylish.

Superdry Orange Label T-shirt in bright Fluro Grit Blue

Fluorescent Shorts

Suns out, legs out, neon out. Wear neon big and bold with these Hugo Boss dolphin swim-shorts. Make yourself seen as you emerge from the pool with confidence and style. Want a subtle hint of the highlighter trend? Opt for these EA7 Emporio Armani Colour Block Swim Shorts, they are very much business in the front, party on the side – like a mullet but with better sense.

Neon is a perfect choice for your swimwear. The bright colours infuse a summer vibe and you won’t feel as self-conscious for loud swimming trunks than you would say, adding neon to your everyday look. This is the perfect gateway into the loud and proud neon trend.

Black EA7 Emporio Armani swimming shorts with neon yellow EA7 logo running down one side

A pair of Hugo Boss swimming shorts in bright neon yellow with a black HUGO BOSS logo running down one side

So depending on brave you feel why not add a bit of the highlighter trend to your wardrobe and stand out in a crowd.


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