Don’t Miss: Aquascutum

Written by Bronwen | 05/03/2020

Making a comeback to Mainline Menswear, discover the check loving brand Aquascutum with its fabulously British line of jumpers, tees and shirts all available with next day (UK) delivery.

Established in 1851, Aquascutum started with tailor John Emary opening the first shop. It was two years later in 1853 that Emary developed a new fabric technology, creating a water resistant textile and hence the brand name Aquascutum was coined, literally translated as ‘water shield.’

Remaining true to the practicality and stylishness of its original designs with the signature Aquascutum Club Check. Shop the latest brand available on Mainline Menswear today and stock up your wardrobe with your designer day-to-day must-haves.

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