How To Pick The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape?

Written by Bronwen | 19/06/2020

The question you didn’t realise you needed answered. With the sun finally shining, a pair of designer sunglasses is the perfect luxury add on to your summer wardrobe. What seems like a treat to yourself will end up being your most used accessory, so it’s important you pick the right pair.

Now all face shapes are handsome, but the shape of your sunglasses can suit some more than others. Here we go through how to know what face shape you have, and then the best sunglasses for your look.

Which glasses go best with oval face shape?

Alright you lucky ovals, you’ve got the most proportionate face shape out of all of us. Pretty much everything looks good on you, from John Lemon circle sunglasses to serious square shape glasses. You can probably take your pick.

Versace Medusa Luxe Sunglasses Brown

However, it is important to remember that oval faces tend to be longer than they are wide. With that in mind you should maybe avoid small rectangle sunglasses as they will narrow your face.

Which glasses go best with heart face shape?

Heart-shaped faces have narrow chins compared to their broader forehead and cheekbones. Basically, you’re wider at the top than at the bottom. To balance out your face pick sunglasses with thin frames. Metal sunglasses with broader bottoms are a perfect choice, ie: aviators.

Ray Ban 3560 Colonel Sunglasses Gold

Dark coloured sunglasses can also break up the face so avoid black and be a bit more bold with your accessory colours.

Which glasses go best with square face shape?

If you have a strong jaw that is in line with a broad forehead, then congratulations you have a square shaped face. You can pick sunglasses to soften these features if you like, by going John Lennon on us all and wearing circular sunglasses.

Tom Ford Newman Sunglasses Black

Don’t go for rectangles or square shaped sunglasses unless you want to accentuate the strong angles of your face shape. Everything else is fair game.

Which glasses go best with round face shape?

Hello fellow round heads. If the jaw, forehead, cheekbones of your face are a regular length and width, but with much softer lines than that of a square face shape, then you have a round face. Pick angular sunglasses to add definition to these soft features. You can also go bold with thick frames as they will add width.

Tom Ford FT0750 Sunglasses Black

Most sunglasses will suit you, as long as you stay away from round frames. They will emphasise the roundness of your face, which is what I, personally, tend to avoid. If you really like the round shape then go for geometric sunglasses so you still have some sharp lines.

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