Men: How To Wear Check Shirts

Written by Bronwen | 14/10/2020

Checked shirts are popular with everyone, from hipsters to lumberjacks, we all own a checked shirt or five. Ranging from casual to slightly-smarter casual, checked shirts can fit any style and occasion.

A checked shirt should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Unlike Hawaiian shirts and jean shorts (jorts), your checked shirts will never go out of style, so buying one now is an investment for the indefinite future. Here we’ll explain how to pull off every look you’ll need for this fashion staple.

Man Wearing Red Checked Shirt

The Material

Every man needs a checked shirt that can be comfy to wear around the house, but also a nice shirt that you can run errands in. One factor to consider is the weather. You don’t want to be wearing a thin checked shirt in the middle of January. If its cold, go for flannel shirts with long sleeves. 100% cotton will keep you warm and comfortable for hot weather. Like this check shirt in blue from Carhartt. In the summer you can opt for thinner material and brighter colours to reflect the nice weather, a good example is any short-sleeved check shirt from Gant.

A checked shirt is also good for layering when it’s not too cold. Adding an opened button checked shirt over your t-shirt is a great look for added warmth. Remember, checked shirts can be worn both done up and undone – as long as you’re wearing something underneath, don’t be that guy.

Man Layering A Check Shirt With A Cardigan

Smart Casual

When you’re going to a more formal event a checked shirt is perfectly acceptable to wear. But it is key to make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with the clash of patterns and colours. Small checks are considered neater and a more formal style compared to larger widespread checks. The sleeve length should be long to match the suit jacket you’d be wearing. Also, if your event includes you having to wear a tie, then the thinner the tie the better as a thick tie can look uneasy against a checked shirt.

It is also important to remember the suit and tie should be in a neutral colour such as black, other your outfit will look too “busy.”

Smart casual is a difficult style to master when trying to wear a checked shirt. Try to go for neutral hues, quality material and long sleeves. Also, if your shirt is showing off a lot of colour then the rest of your outfit should be subtler in order to match. Black jeans and shoes are the easiest option and will match with anything.

Man In Green Checked Shirt

Final Thoughts

A checked shirt is a very common casual style that can easily be dressed up to create the best look for your more formal events. If you’re wearing the right size and colours that suit you, you cannot go wrong with adding one of these shirts to your wardrobe.


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