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Written by Bronwen | 12/02/2020




It’s that time of the year again, our SS20 collection is available online and with that comes a brand new campaign: On The Start Line.  This year we wanted to concentrate on every type of man looking for their designer clothes collection. With sport infused clothing from Adidas, Fred Perry, EA7 and many more that provide you with active looks for every time of day. From working out, to going to the office and even to date night.

a man is holding his weight up on two logs a man is filming a cabin in the woods

The outdoors is always a big inspiration for us, so we shot at Little Horseshoe Lake, a private lake situated within the Cotswold. Yes, it’s fancy. Yes, it’s picturesque. Yes, I wish I could live there forever.

Given the campaign is active focused, our model got to (had to) spend the whole day doing a full body work out. From running first thing in the morning, to holding his weight for some action shots. It was a lot of work, we got tired just watching.

A fancy living room in the woods.

A man is being filmed while he drinks a cup of tea.

Despite all that exercise, it was a freezing cold day, meaning the crew needed multiple hot drink breaks – we even incorporated it into the shoot, any excuse.

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